The 10 Best Seconds in Baseball This Year

Kid hugs dad for catching foul ball

The nominees for the best moment in baseball this year include no-hitters, walk-off homers, grand slam home runs, triple plays and outfielders gunning down base runners at home plate.  And, the winner of “The 10 Best Seconds in Baseball” is…

A kid hugging his dad for catching a foul ball at a Padres vs. Braves game.

The 10 Best Seconds in Baseball This YearIn a span of 10 seconds, you can see the son becoming a baseball fan for life.  After the father catches the ball at an afternoon game, he holds it triumphantly over his head in a Rocky-like pose.  His son rushes to give him a bear hug.  His dad then gives the souvenir ball to his son.

You gotta love this.

If you’re trying to catch a ball at a game, seat selection means a lot.  On the second level near home plate or near the foul poles are two good spots for foul balls.  Be standing when the ball is pitched to get a jump on the ball.  Bring your glove.  Souvenir balls of meaningful hits can be worth big dollars.  The ball that sent Barry Bonds above Hank Aaron in home runs was sold for over $750,000.  The odds of you getting a souvenir ball at a Major League game have been calculated to be about 1 in 1,000 (people).  In this case, it appears as if our father/son combination are the only fans in this section of the outfield.

For this young baseball fan, his hero isn’t on the field of play but sitting right next to him at the ballpark.  This is baseball at its best!  For another great father/son story on baseball, read about Mike Veeck’s first game with his dad, Hall of Famer Bill Veeck.

“The 10 Best Seconds in Baseball” – Kid hugs dad for catching foul ball


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