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New to Fantasy Football?  The best way to demonstrate the rawness of your rookie ownership is to name your Fantasy Football team poorly.  Veteran owners can make the same mistake. To make an impression and send a message to other owners that you have a team to reckon with, spend some time and come up with a funny fantasy football team name.  The best Fantasy Football team names are funny, clever and witty.  You should spend nearly as much time in developing your team name as you do coming up with your list of who to pick in the first round.

Be bold; make a statement.  Here are some alternatives for your consideration.

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105 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Flacco Seagulls — English new wave band meets the Ravens’ Joe Flacco
  2. Funny Fantasy Football Team NamesTouchdownalotamus — Annoy other owners by making them use 6 syllables for one word.
  3. Everyday I’m Russellin’ — Not a lot of good names incorporating Russell Wilson, but here’s one.
  4. Luck be a Brady tonight — If you draft Andrew Luck, or Luck and Brady.
  5. The Real McCoy
  6. No Punt Intended — A pun intended on “No pun intended”
  7. Backfields and McCoys
  8. No Game This Week — Hoping confused FFL owners don’t submit line-up when they see your name.
  9. Johnny Backup
  10. You Kaepernick the Future — Colin would like this one.
  11. Johnny Foosball — An early fan favorite.
  12. Final Dez-tination — Dez Bryant could have a big year.
  13. Manziel in Distress
  14. Lombardi’s Sensei — Sensei = Japanese for instructor or teacher (usually martial arts)
  15. Insane Clowney Posse
  16. Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood
  17. Teach me how to Dougie — Doug Martin, where are thou?
  18. The Brady Bunch
  19. Straight Cash Homey — How Randy Moss pays his bills.
  20. Peyton the Town Red
  21. Matty Ice and Easy — Matt Ryan = Matty Ice
  22. The Calvinists — Megatron followers
  23. Revis and Butthead
  24. DeMarco Polo
  25. When in Romo…
  26. The Cutler Did It — Any Clue fans out there?
  27. America’s Fantasy Team
  28. Cry me a Rivers
  29. A Dingo ate my Brady — Seinfeld tribute to New England’s favorite son
  30. Forgetting Brandon Marshall — Still a favorite
  31. Peyton’s Place
  32. Omaha Manning — Peyton’s favorite audible, “Omaha, Omaha”
  33. Shooting the Brees
  34. Sam I Am — Michael Sam on defense?
  35. Cam I Am — Cam Newton on offense?
  36. Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles
  37. Mother of Dragons — Game of Thrones names play well in Fantasy Football
  38. The Unsullied
  39. King of the North
  40. The Direwolves
  41. What would Jones Drew
  42. Red Hot Julius Peppers
  43. Fargo – Good Football, Real Good — See the movie, see the tv show
  44. Victorious Secret
  45. Titletown TDs
  46. The Abusement Park
  47. The Untouchables
  48. Here’s Johnny
  49. Motown Megatrons
  50. Thrift Schaub
  51. The Immaculate Collection — Pittsburgh fans love this one!
  52. Romo wasn’t built in a day
  53. Pick 6-ers
  54. Charles in Charge — Jamaal!
  55. The Touchdown Factory
  56. Stafford Cardinals — A play on Detroit’s QB and the college in California
  57. Saving Private Ryan
  58. Singin’ in the Dwayne
  59. Who Framed Rodgers Rabbit?
  60. Ryan’s Hope
  61. The Foles Position
  62. Lotsa Luck
  63. That’s my Forte
  64. Le’Veon likes his Money — With apologies to Elton John
  65. Me and Julio down by the school yard — With apologies to Paul Simon
  66. Graham Crackers — With apologies to Nabisco (enough already!)
  67. Monte Wrecking Ball — Team anthem built in to this name
  68. Romophobics
  69. Manziel on Fire
  70. Fargo Woodchippers — Ya, you betcha.
  71. Points r Us
  72. Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe
  73. Forte Shades of Grey
  74. Mystic Rivers
  75. Here’s my #, call me Brady
  76. Rodgers That
  77. Cam ‘n Gravy
  78. Lamblows
  79. Manning of Steel
  80. Luck Dynasty
  81. Corn on the Schaub
  82. Mile High Messiahs
  83. Charles Schaub
  84. Rice Rice Baby
  85. The Boldin The Beautiful
  86. Flacconi and Cheese
  87. RG3PO
  88. Frozen Tundra
  89. Club Foot
  90. My Fair Brady
  91. Bottom of the Depth Chart
  92. Built Bradford Tough
  93. Scared Hitless
  94. Just say Ben
  95. Best Fantasy Football Team NamesMel Kiper’s Best Available
  96. The 12th Man Replacements
  97. Storm my Cassell
  98. The Waiver Wire
  99. Breesus Saves
  100. Brady Gaga
  101. Taking you to the Woodhead
  102. You’ve entered the Red Zone
  103. Kings of the Cassel — You might need a Bridgewater name as a backup.
  104. Forte-yard Dash — Matt Forte, Drew Brees and Tom Brady may have the most versatile surnames for branding a team.
  105. Football Cheesus — Go Pack Go!

Do you have any funny Fantasy Football team names to share?  Please let us know.  Have a great season!

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