A little league baseball game to remember

In Hermosa Beach, California, two little league baseball teams enjoyed a baseball game back in April, 2008 like no other.

A little league baseball game to remember

Unbeknownst to all players, coaches, and parents; Improv Everywhere arranged to have cheering sections, professional announcers (including a field reporter & Jim Gray) and a Jumbotron.  Also includes were mascots for both teams, a play-by-play announcer knowledgeable on the players names and nicknames, and even the Goodyear blimp as part of the spectacle.

Improv Everywhere worked with the league commissioner to get the kids’ names and access to the field to setup equipment the morning of the game. The league commissioner was the only one in on the “Best Game Ever” gag. NBC Sports partnered with the group to secure the the Jumbotron, announcers and the blimp.  What fun for everyone involved!

Little League baseball is traditionally played by youngsters who are 13 years of age and younger. Many famous Americans and Major League Baseball players think back fondly of their Little League experience.


Improv Everywhere is also known for some “flash mob” pranks like Frozen Grand Central. For this event, 200 people prearranged to freeze their movements in Grand Central Station in NYC.  My personal favorite was the Best Buy uniform prank.  For this event, 80 Improv Everywhere agents dressed as Best Buy employees.  Wearing khakis and blue shirts, the group infiltrated a local Best Buy store at the same time. Imagine the look on the store manager!  Likewise, “A little league baseball game to remember” is awesome!

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