Caddy’s advice pays off for golfer (and caddy)

On the advice of his caddy, Stan Andrie decided to play a 5 iron instead of a 6 iron for a hole-in-one contest to win a car as part of a club tournament in Benton Harbor, Michigan.  The shift in club selection paid off as Andrie made a hole-in-one on the 165 yard 9th hole at Point ‘O Woods Country Club.

Caddy’s advice pays off for golfer (and caddy)

The advice also paid off for caddy Dave Maxey.  Prior to hitting his ace, Andrie asked Maxey if he’d prefer a big tip or the car if he made the shot.  Maxey chose the car, a brand new Jeep Wrangler.

“The first time I told him, ‘You have a new car’ we were walking up toward the green I don’t think he believed me,” noted Andrie, “After I picked the ball out of the hole and I told him again I think it sunk in and he was extremely happy, the great thing about it was that when we were on the tee waiting to hit he was talking about what bad shape his current car was in and how he needed a new one.”

Maxey has caddied at the club for 9 years and for Andrie many times over the last several years. He was awarded the Evans Scholarship and attended Michigan State University where he recently graduated with a Business Marketing degree.

Going Forward

Will Andrie be listening to his caddy’s input more intently now?  “I have always considered their advice, it makes the game a lot more fun to discuss different options with a caddie on how to hit a particular shot and the fact that Dave switched me from a 6 iron (that I selected) that would have landed in the water to a 5 iron that ended up in the hole makes it even more special,” noted Andrie.

Andrie said, “A hole-in-one is one of the most exciting events in the game of golf but I am not sure I would trade it for the look on Dave’s face when he realized he just won a new car — that is something I will remember forever.”


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