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The NFL and Dancing with the Stars imagevideo

The NFL and Dancing with the Stars

A few years ago, if I told you that Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, Steelers' star receiver Antonio Brown and football legend Doug Flutie...

Hank Aaron: Greatest Baseball Hitter

Hank Aaron, the greatest baseball hitter of all time played in a National League city - Atlanta, home of the Braves. Growing up in...

All Hockey Hair Team 2016: Feeling the Flow in Minnesota

All Hockey Hair Team 2016: Feeling the Flow in Minnesota The NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game has "One Shining Moment," and the Minnesota State High...

Hoops Thriller: The Three Miracles of St. Peter

Waseca High beat Marshall High School in 4 overtimes in a hoops thriller to win their sectional playoff game and go to the Minnesota...
Stephen Curry: 17 reasons he's a superstar

Stephen Curry: 17 Reasons he’s a Superstar

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is believed by many to be the greatest shooter that the NBA has ever seen. Besides being...

High School Hockey: Goal of the Year

Scoring the game winning goal in an overtime hockey game is a big deal. When it also gives your team a chance to go...
Fredonia wrestling image

The Will to Compete: A High School Wrestler’s Story

Bryar Hebb is 15 years old from Fredonia, a small farming community in southeast Kansas. He is a farm kid. He has not had...
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