5 Parenting Tips to Increase the Fun Factor in Sports

5 parenting tips for increasing the fun factor in sports

Car rides home from sporting events have caused more kids to give up a sport than injuries ever have.  Many youth sport participants have dreaded that time after the game, held captive in the family car with no immediate escape, when they’re forced to listen to their parent’s analysis of the game and their performance.  […]


Parkour — l’art du déplacement, or translated, the art of moving — is a physical discipline of French origin in which participants try to overcome physical obstacles as quickly as they can. Running, climbing, jumping, and landing all play a role as traceurs, practitioners of Parkour, move as if in an emergency situation. Frequently practiced […]

The Visionary behind Special Olympics: Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Eunice Kennedy Shriver died on August 11 after suffering a series of strokes the past year.  A sister of President John F. Kennedy and of two senators, she’ll be remembered most, and justifiably so, as the founder of Special Olympics and as a champion for those with intellectual disabilities. At a time when people with […]

Nike investing up to $650,000 in organizations that give back to communities via sports

Non-profits and schools that provide programming that encourages young people to create a better life through sports have the opportunity to win an award from Nike.  The award amounts are $2,500 and $5,000 in cash or sporting goods. To find out more details, nominate an organization or vote for your favorite, go to: www.NikeBackYourBlock.com. Hurry, […]

Patrick Henry Hughes — An Inspirational Story (2006)

Patrick Henry Hughes was born blind and without the ability to straighten his arms or legs, confining him to a wheelchair. Patrick was also born with musical talent. He started playing the piano at 9 months. He also plays the trumpet and sings. With help from his father (Patrick John Hughes), he participated in the […]