College Softball’s Inspiring Display of Sportsmanship

Softball Sportsmanship

Eckerd College sophomore Kara Oberer knew she needed to do something at the plate in the 7th inning.  Her team was down 1-2 against Florida Southern College.  With two runners on base, she swung and connected.  The result:  a home run! Only there was a significant problem.  Oberer’s knee locked on the swing and she […]

BOOK EXCERPT: Softball Mom’s Survival Guide

Softball Survival Guide

SPECIAL TO, a book excerpt from Janis Meredith’s Softball Mom’s Survival Guide “Confronting the Coach: Why You Should Wait Twenty-four Hours It may not be a matter of IF you ever need to confront a coach, but rather a matter of WHEN. It may be necessary at some point when your daughter is very […]

New Softball Practice Plan Ebook

Youth Softball Practice Plans

John Blissenbach has just written a book to help youth softball coaches plan their softball practices.  We caught up with him to find out more about the book and his softball coaching philosophy. Softball Practice Plan What motivated you to write your new book, Well-Prepared Coach™ – 25 Youth Softball Practice Plans? During my 30+ […]