Voting is open for the “Sports Feel Good Story of the Year”

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Voting is now open for the TeamSnap and Sports Feel Good Stories’ “Sports Feel Good Story of the Year.” The polls are open throughout the month of November, with the winners vying for $750 in prizes. The “Sports Feel Good Story of the Year” contest was launched to recognize inspiring athletes, coaches and fans from […]

Ezra Frech: A 4-year-old overcomes a disability to inspire others

Paul Gasol's biggest fan

Ezra Frech, an amazing 4-year-old boy from California, was born with a rare condition in which his left arm and left leg formed improperly.  Always a happy child, Ezra learned to deal with his disability.  Surgery to remove his left leg enables Ezra to wear a prosthetic leg which helps him pursue his favorite pastime:  […]

The Top 10 Sports Feel Good Stories of the Decade

The news coverage for a sports feel good story follows a familiar path.  Typically, a local newspaper covers the story first followed by local TV.  If the story is interesting enough, its picked up by sports blogs big and small.  If the story still has legs, other national media outlets including well known sports columnists, […]

Maurice Cheeks assists 13 year-old National Anthem singer (2003)

Maurice Cheeks helps singer

Natalie Gilbert, a 13 year-old, began singing the National Anthem before a basketball game between the Trail Blazers and the Dallas Mavericks on April 25, 2003. When Gilbert struggled to find the correct words for the song and became flustered, Trail Blazers’ Coach Maurice Cheeks came to her side. He initially suggested the lyrics to […]

Team Hoyt: An inspirational, father-son story

Dick Hoyt’s son Rick can’t walk or talk. After Rick convinced his dad to push him in his wheelchair in a 5 mile race, he told his dad that he didn’t feel handicapped when they were competing. Inspired by that, Dick has entered and completed with his son hundreds of competitive races including marathons and […]