Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Are  you looking for some fantasy baseball team names? Well, step into our batter’s box and see if you’d like to take a swing at one of the names in our collection.

Are you a players’ coach? Or, do you manage by the numbers?

It doesn’t matter. What does count is if your name is cool. Come to your fantasy baseball draft with one of these gems and your half-way there. Well, at least you’re not riding the pine. Good luck.

Funny Fantasy Baseball Names

  1. Kershawshank Redemption.
  2. Sano To Drugs.
  3. Madison Budwesier.
  4. Syndergaarden Cop.
  5. Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dansby.
  6. Angels in the Troutfield.
  7. Love me Ortiz me.
  8. Game of Throws.
  9. Hannibal Lester.
  10. 99 problems, Pitch Ain’t One.
  12. Lawn Mauer.
  13. Canostradamus.
  14. Performance Enhancing Hugs.
  15. The Trevor Ending Story.

Creative Monikers

  1. My Uzi weighs a Hamilton.
  2. A Streetcar Named Cuddyer. (Mike’s no longer playing but the name lives on.)
  3. Two Eggs Odorizzi.
  4. Fo Shizzo my Rizzo.
  5. Bat Country.
  6. Funky Cold Molina.
  7. Lorenzo Cain n’ Abel.
  8. 108 Stitches.
  9. Came, Kershaw, Conquered.
  10. You Make Me Wanna Trout.
  11. Stuck in the Middle With Yu.
  12. Maybe This Year.

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Mike Trout Fantasy Baseball Team Names

  • Angels in the Troutfield.
  • Three strikes you’re Trout!
  • Trout on Strikes.
  • Trout of Your League.
  • You Make Me Wanna Trout.

The Good

  • Kang Pao Chicken.
  • Password is Taco.
  • Team Redundant Team.
  • Better Call Paul Goldschmidt.
  • Candy Crush Davis.
  • The Big Show Stoppers.
  • The Musial Suspects.
  • 12 Angry Mets.
  • Off-White Sox.
  • Come Sale Away.
  • Bartolo Colon-oscopy.
  • Beam Me Up Piscotty.
  • The Notorious P.U.I.G.
  • Soler Flare.
  • Two Wong’s Don’t Make a Wright.

Better (well, maybe)

  • The Price Is Wong.
  • Can’t Cutch This.
  • Big League Choo.
  • Raising Cain.
  • Sippin’ On Gin Andrus.
  • Come Sale Away.
  • Cano Mode.
  • KARS-4-KIDS.
  • Stanton Island.
  • Grand Theft Votto.
  • Teheran You Apart.
  • No soup for Yu!
  • Colon Problems.
  • Sultans of Swing.
  • Honey Nut Ichiros.

And Best

  • Upton Girl.
  • Salvador Army Perez.
  • Men of Steal.
  • ManBearPuig.
  • Hall of Shamers.
  • Miggy Mouse Club.
  • Escobar and Dance.
  • Here’s My Number, Cameron Maybin.
  • Springer of Pain.
  • Now you Seager, Now You Don’t.
  • The Three Moustakas.
  • Annie are you Aoki?
  • Air Gordon.
  • My CarGo 160 Swiftly.
  • Everyday I’m Russellin’.
  • Grateful Dead-Sox.
  • The Pen Is Mightier Than the Schwarber.
  • Kimbrel’s N’ Bits.
  • The Ellsbury Dough Boy.
  • New Joc City.
  • Bryce Krispies.

So, we’re addressing good fantasy baseball names, but baseball is also rich in great individual player names. Check out the Bro Bible’s list of the 40 greatest names in MLB history.

Cool Names for Fantasy Baseball

  • Houston Lastros.
  • The Mookie Way.
  • All Betts Are Off.
  • Goldschmidt Happens.
  • The Vottoman Empire.
  • VORP Speed.
  • Mr. Kate Upton.
  • Blood Diamond.
  • Degrom nom nom.
  • Eggs Odorizzi.

Home Team

  • Double Stuff Orioles.
  • Latos Intolerant.
  • Sano Means Sano.
  • There Goes Masahiro.
  • Tampa Bay Carly Rae’s.
  • Rusty Trumbo’s.
  • Better Call Paul.
  • Stanton Room Only.
  • The Altuve Fairy.
  • Machado Man.
  • The Dream Team.
  • The Walk-off Homers.
  • Personal DeJesus.
  • Buxton Loose.

Fantasy Baseball Team Names

  • Win For Vin.
  • Schwing Batter Batter.
  • Nolan Arenado Mr. Roboto.
  • Vin Scully’s Homeboys.
  • Ken Burns Baseball.
  • Bartolo’s Cologne.
  • Upton Funk.
  • Donaldson Trump.
  • Cespedes for the Rest of Us.
  • Short Porch Party.
  • The Hurlers.
  • Can-of-Corn.
  • Around the Horn.
  • Hebrew Hammers.

Clever Nicknames

  • Carry on My Heyward Son.
  • Carlos Carrasco Tabasco Fiasco.
  • Wrigley Blue Ivy.
  • Troy Story.
  • Below the Mendoza Line.
  • CrackerJack!
  • The Curtain Call Never Came.
  • Blurred Outfield Lines.
  • Rally Monkeys.
  • Bazooka!
  • Punch-and-Judy.
  • Southside Southpaws.
  • Dr. Strangeglove.
  • Worm Burners.
  • Angels in the Troutfield.
  • Mattingly’s Sideburns.
  • Talkin’ Baseball.
  • 50 Shades of Sonny Gray.


  • Cool Hand Lucroy.
  • Kinsler’s List.
  • Fielder of Dreams.
  • Boys of Summer.
  • A Puig Of Their Own.
  • Extra Bases with Happy Faces.
  • Better Call Sal.
  • HBP in the Head.
  • MadBum Men.
  • Jobu Needs a Refill.
  • Wille Mays Hays.
  • GoldschmidtFinger.
  • The Long Reliever.
  • The Kempire Strikes Back.
  • The Starks of Winterfell.
  • Shark(Are)Nado.
  • D’Arnaud Crying In Baseball!
  • The Duda Abides.


  • Nuke LaLoosh.
  • Blurred Foul Lines.
  • Kenny Powers’ Posse.
  • Springfield Isotopes.
  • Lindt Lindor Truffles.
  • San Diego Rotisserie Chickens.
  • Bryce Bryce Baby.
  • Grand Theft Votto.
  • Diamond Cutters.
  • Lil Sebastian’s Favorite Team.
  • The Balking Dead.
  • Murderer’s Row.
  • Lovable Losers.
  • House of Karns.
  • Working the Count.
  • To Kill a Marlon Byrd.
  • Machado About Nothing.
  • Miggy Azalea.
  • Bob LOB Law.
  • Notorious PAPI.
  • J-Hey Kids.
  • Men of Steal.

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