Football coaching with a twist: St. John’s John Gagliardi’s unique style

Imagine a college football team that adhered to a policy of no tackling during practice. No laps. No whistles. No calisthenics. No cuts. No swearing. Oh, and there’s no calling the coach, “Coach,” just call him “John.”

John Gagliardi’s Unconventional Coaching Style

University of St. John’s (Collegeville, MN) football coach, John Gagliardi, has a lot of hard evidence that supports his “Winning with No’s” approach. He has the most wins of any college football coach in a career. He has won 26 conference championships and 4 national titles in Division III. His career winning percentage is in the high .700s.

Another nice touch that high school coaches in all sports should consider following, all seniors on the team are captains — everyone of them, whether the kid is a star or a bench warmer.

St. John’s John Gagliardi on Today Show –  VIDEO



  1. St. John’s continues to pile on the wins. Great book on the team and Gagliardi called “The Sweet Season.” Well-worth the read.

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