Football Rival Forfeits Title Game in Show of Unity

Great act of sportsmanship in High School Football

Oak Harbor and Marysville Pilchuck, two Seattle area high schools, were scheduled to play for the title game last Friday night. But, tragedy struck on game day.

A freshman student of Marysville Pilchuck walked into his own school cafeteria with a gun and began shooting, killing one and injuring several others. He then turned the gun on himself according to witnesses.

The football game for the Wesco 3A North Division title in Washington suddenly wasn’t the biggest story line. With a school shooting and fatalities, the Marysville community was understandably shaken.

Football Rival Forfeits Title Game in Show of Unity

In a class act that should be remembered for a long time, Oak Harbor coach Jay Turner, with the support of his team and school officials, offered to forfeit the game. It was their way of showing support for the grieving Marysville community.


Oak Park Wildcat players went one step further. They showed up at a Marysville vigil in full uniform to offer their support to their rivals. Their act of sportsmanship didn’t go unnoticed by the Marysville Pilchuck players.

Football Rival Forfeits Title Game in Show of Unity“Big shout out to Oak Harbor for taking 2nd Place in WESCO North,” Nicholas Alonso wrote, “You guys are the real League Champions.” Alonso plays cornerback for Marysville Pilchuck.

“That’s the most amazing thing I’ve seen,” Marysville Pilchuck coach Brandon Carson told The Herald. “That just shows you what kind of people they are. Those guys have showed it tonight just by coming here and coming to the vigil and visiting us at our team meeting. I can’t put into words what it means for not only high school athletics, but for our team to get through this grieving process.”

The Oak Park team recognized that sometimes sports have to be put on hold for the bigger things in life.

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Football Rival Forfeits Title Game in Show of Unity



  1. This is a great story. We often get so wrapped up in sports, especially when a championship is on the line, we lose sight of the things that really matter. To see a team back down honorably like this, but in such a way the other team could hold their head high, is truly amazing.

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