All Hockey Hair Team 2016: Feeling the Flow in Minnesota

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game has “One Shining Moment,” and the Minnesota State High School Tournament has the “All Hockey Hair Team 2016.” The mysterious creator of what has now become a popular classic, introduced his first All Hockey Hair Team in 2011. Since then, fans of sport and humor have eagerly awaited the annual production.

Feel the Flow with the All Hockey Hair Team

The Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament is a big deal in the State of Hockey with quarterfinal games through the championship games being played at the Excel Center and televised across the state. For the quarterfinal games, all the players are introduced, usually without their helmets on. This becomes the source material for the All Hockey Hair Team.

All Hockey Hair Team 2016
“If you’re wondering what last year’s winner is up to, he joined Seal Team 6.”

“Hockey Hair” has been a phenomenon for a long time, and the All Hockey Hair Team’s droll announcer highlights (we’re not above puns here) some of the best and oddest hair-do’s on the ice. Using terms like flow, salads, mullets, flops and mops, we’re entertained with a running commentary as an all-star collection of players are introduced. And, an all-hair coach or two usually makes the production as well.

By now, all the players who play on teams who make the State Tournament are well aware of this annual video with many playing to the camera. In fact this year’s winner went to an entire team “Burnsville.” Burnsville’s win included these words from the announcer, “they’re about to go back-to-back beard, mullet, ginger and afro… that’s like a hockey team going 4 lines deep.”

The All Hockey Hair Team 2016 pay special tribute to the great state of Minnesota with references to the Minnesota State Fair including the Big Slide and butter sculpturing. Favorite descriptions this year including the “the playmobile puckster, the “party on skates”,  “the Kenny Powers meter,” and “We’re going call this one Moses, because each morning he parts the red sea.” And, a tribute to Hermantown, Minnesota by calling them “Hairmantown.”

Per the StarTribune who caught up with publicity shy creator of the films,

“I meant this to look more like the Minnesota version of, ‘I’m Larry, this is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl,'” he said, citing the television sitcom Newhart during a rare interview last week. “It should be like taking a drink out of the backyard hose.”

…”Hockey and hockey hair is sort of our Minnesota super powers,” he said. “They make us different. When you have six months of winter you might as well have something awesome to do.”

Well done.

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