Kansas State’s star running back: Kaiden Schroeder

Kaiden Schroeder, a 9-year-old, was the MVP of K-State’s spring football game as he galloped in for a 30 yard touchdown on his only run.  Led by a crew of blockers, Schroeder made some nifty moves on his way to the score.  The entire celebrated around him as a couple players hoisted him up on their shoulder pads.

Kaiden, son of Jenny and Chris Schroeder is battling leukemia and his chemo treatment leaves him with severe headaches and nausea. K-State Wildcats star defensive end Ryan Mueller had Kaiden Schroeder and K-State Footballbefriended Kaiden and arranged for Kaiden not only to suit up in football gear, but also for a special play designed for Kaiden.

Per Fox Sports, “It was just awesome,” said Mueller, the brainchild behind it all. “It’s something Kaiden will remember the rest of his life. It also kind of takes things off (football, and on) what’s really important. And just gives guys the opportunity to reach out to the community and lift somebody up who has kind of had a rough go.”

Kaiden is no casual K-State Wildcats fan.  He knows the players’ names and numbers.  His hospital room, where he spends most of his days, is decorated in K-State purple and features posters of his favorite players. As his first name begins with ‘K’ and to recognize his favorite team, nurses have written ‘K-State Room’ on the room’s windows.  Mueller has taken Kaiden under his wings after first reading about his cancer fight on a K-State website.  Mueller and team FaceTimed with Kaiden last season and even head coach Bill Snyder got involved on the calls.

Based on the video below, it seems as if the entire team has embraced their new running back star.  Well done K-State Football.  Well done Kaiden Schroeder.

Kaiden Schroeder video

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