Minnesota Vikings’ Chad Greenway Rescues Boaters

Minnesota Vikings' Chad Greenway Rescues Boaters

Lake Minnetonka is the biggest lake in the Twin Cities metro area.  Heavy spring rains, a windy day and a new boat that wasn’t working correctly had the potential for a dangerous scenario for Crystal Alexis and her husband Edward last Monday afternoon.  The maiden voyage of their boat turned scary when all it was able to do was go turn in small circles.  As the strong winds and water moved the boat closer to rocks and a spillway, they were in serious jeopardy of experiencing some major boat damage and possibly bodily harm.

Minnesota Vikings' Chad Greenway Rescues Boaters
Greenway (in blue t-shirt) comes to the rescue

Enter Minnesota Vikings’ Chad Greenway.

Alerted of trouble on the water by two passing bikers, Greenway who lives on the lake, went to investigate.  With his 2 young daughters at shore, Greenway saw the couple struggling with their boat.  Jumping into the water, he was able to help maneuver the boat to a safer inlet.  He waited with the couple until authorities arrived and were able to tow the boat.  He later drove the couple back to their car and boat.  For Crystal and Edward, Greenway was in the right place at the right time.

Vikes’ Chad Greenway

KARE11 reporters who were on the scene to cover a story on lake water levels quoted bystanders who watched the event,  “Superman to the rescue! He’ll get a bonus for that,” said Don and Beth Nelson as they watched.

Greenway, a first round pick of the Vikes’ in 2006, made the Pro Bowl in 2011 after recording 154 tackles.  He’s led the Vikings in tackles for the last 6 seasons tying Scott Studwell’s record. An All-American player at the University of Iowa, Greenway’s “Chad’s Locker” program, part of his Lead the Way Foundation, provides materials for young patients during their stays at hospitals.

For the last two seasons, Greenway was voted by his teammates as the team’s MVP.  On this day at Lake Minnetonka, the Alexis family might vote him their MVP as well.

–Mike O’Halloran

Hear Chad Greenway’s comments on the rescue

Minnesota Vikings’ Chad Greenway Rescues Boaters VIDEO

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