A one-in-a-million basketball shot; um, check that

The score is tied, the last seconds are winding down on the clock, and 13 year-old Easton Gamoke finds himself with the ball in his hands.  The biggest problem?  His target is the full length of the court away from him.  With no time to advance the ball further, he launches a baseball throw shot.

Miraculously, the ball goes in and his Winona YMCA Runnin’ Rebels get the win.  Last Sunday, that’s how the tournament game went in Holmen, Wisconsin.

“It didn’t look like it was going in at first, but then it started curving to the hoop,” said Easton.

Easton Gamoke

Easton Gamoke discussing his game-winning shot

A shot like that doesn’t happen every day.  Or, does it?

When the local Fox affiliate came to the school to cover this one-in-a-million basketball shot story, a small school assembly was held at Easton’s middle school.  Easton’s head coach, a teammate, and the Fox reporter all tried to recreate Easton’s game winning shot.  They failed.

Easton took matters into his own hands, and on his first try, sunk another shot from the same spot.  Lightning does strike twice, and it undoubtedly made for at least a couple of fun days for Easton Gamoke.



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