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Sports Feel Good Stories

SportsFeelGoodStories.com was launched on February 2, 2009 by Michael O’Halloran.

Inspired by the response of his Eagan basketball team’s players and parents to an email he sent with a link to the Jason McElwain video, O’Halloran set out to find other stories like it.

He found sports stories that were inspirational, motivational and that made you feel good when you read them — the type of stories that attracted many of us to sports in the first place.  Discovering there was no shortage of these types of feel-good stories, the idea for the site was born.

Sports Feel Good StoriesEditorially, the site covers a wide range of sports from little leagues to the major leagues, with an eye towards inspirational sports stories that focus on good deeds, overcoming obstacles, achievement and sportsmanship.

The type of content includes:

- Aggregated short, sports stories:  Usually discovered on the Internet, and frequently featuring videos and photos.  Read how a hockey crowd assisted a young national anthem singer for example. By the way, we’re always on the lookout for sports feel good stories.  Please contact us to alert us to feel-good stories that you find.

- Features and interviews:  For example, Sports Feel Good Stories has interviewed Butler’s basketball coach Brad Stevens and coaching legend Don Meyer.  The site has also featured the Hampton Inn Hotshots and Div. III football superstar Fritz Waldvogel.

- Excerpts from sports books:  Our Boys:  A Perfect Season on the Plains with the Smith Center Redmen by Joe Drape and SATCHEL: The Life and Times of an American Legend by Larry Tye are two examples.

- Sports resources:  Sports team parents, volunteer coaches, and players’ parents for youth and high school sports might find some of these resources of particular value.  Sports quotes, sports team slogans and team nickname ideas for example.

Our Quest:  Inspire someone today

As you read through our collection of sports feel good stories, in addition to hopefully entertaining and inspiring you, we hope that you’ll share some of these stories with others. Some opportunities include:

  • Coaches sharing with players. Smart professional and volunteer coaches alike are always on the lookout for ways to motivate their teams. What better way to emphasize the importance of sportsmanship than by sharing the Sara Tucholsky softball story? As your read through our collection of stories, identify the stories that will be the most relevant for your team.
  • Business leaders sharing with their teams. Managers of people are frequently put in a position of trying to inspire a large group of people. PowerPoint presentations and numeric goals will take you so far, but sometimes a well-told story will do more to capture people’s attention and hearts. When Michael Phelps won the Olympic race by a fraction of a second, I’m guessing many a sales manager reminded their team about the importance of closing out a month strong. Here’s another example: Watch how Jack Canfield uses the “Cliff Young – Farmer who inspired a nation” story to make his point, “Believe it’s possible.”
  • Teachers sharing with students. Make your message come alive with a powerful story. A well-told story that is heard by the audience at the right time can have a lasting impact.
  • Parents sharing with sons and daughters. One of the great things that sports provide is the opportunity to learn some life lessons like the value of hard work, the importance of taking some risks, and the power and magic of teamwork. This collection of stories provides some great life lessons.
  • Friends sharing with friends. Everyone loves to discover a great story.

Help us inspire people everyday by sharing these stories and if you’d like to submit a story for publication consideration, please send us an email.

About Mike O’Halloran

Michael O’Halloran is also founder of coachingwhiz.com.  Offering “Coaching Help in a Flash,” the Coaching Whiz offers the best coaching resources digitally.  All of the Coaching Whiz’ offerings are digitally delivered. Upon purchase, customers receive links to enable them to download their orders to their desktops via PDF files that work on PCs and Macs. Customers benefit by saving money and getting instant access to the materials they want.  Coaches, players, team parents and sports fans choose from product categories that include: baseball, basketball, fitness, football, golf, hockey, soccer, volleyball and more.

O’Halloran’s works include:

-  Author of Never Forget They’re Kids — Ideas for Coaching your Daughter’s 4th - 8th Grade Basketball Team and 30 Youth Basketball Practice Plans.  His “Never Forget They’re Kids” approach to coaching sports places an emphasis on learning, having fun, and creating memorable experiences for players.

-  Inventor of the Smart Attack line of sports trivia games which include:  baseball, basketball, football and all-sports titles — available on audible.com and iTunes.

-  Co-Creator, with designer Greg Johnson, of The Well-Prepared Coach line of coaching award certificates and coach handouts available for basketball, soccer, baseball, cheerleading and volleyball.

O’Halloran’s background includes working as President of Magnetic Poetry, a gift and toy company, and as Director of Marketing for The Learning Company, an educational software company noted for popular products like The Oregon Trail and Reader Rabbit.  Please contact Michael for any site inquiries.  Thanks.


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