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EDITOR’S NOTE: Below is an article written for Sports Feel Good Stories from B.J. Viau, founder of

The Masters has concluded and at least in my neck of the woods, the snow has melted for the last time this season. This means it is officially golf season! There is something about getting up before the sun rises to be the first on the course with my Dad, sneaking out early from work to build relationships with co-workers, or playing some competitive fun games with my buddies during Thursday night Men’s League. I have a hard time understanding why everyone in the world doesn’t love this game as much as many of us do.  Golf provides experiences like the greenest grass you will ever see, the perfect shot that even a professional might struggle to beat, the post-round cold beverage with your group, the random people you get paired up with that are entertaining for just the right amount of time, or sinking the 12 foot putt for bogey that helps you beat your best friend on the last hole.  Golf is just an experience unlike any other.  OK, I may be drinking the golf Kool-Aid a bit, but you get the point.

Bringing fun into the game of golf
Games add fun to golf

In the last ten years, the statistics show that the amateur golf world is on the decline.  Almost 2,000 courses have closed their doors and 10 million people retired from the sport.  Why?  There are many reasons, but most arguments are that golf is too expensive, golf takes too long or that golf is too hard to learn.  These all might be true, but I don’t feel that anyone should be retiring from this game, because it offers so much.  After reading all of the stories about golf’s demise, a few of us got upset and wanted to stop this decline from going any further.  Golf should be enjoyed by everyone because it is ultimately all about having fun.  It doesn’t matter the score you shoot, what you wear, how many calories you burn, or how fast your round was – it is about having a fun experience with people that you enjoy.

After brainstorming a few ideas, the company Fore Fun was born with a mission to make the game of golf more fun, fore everyone!  Our company name describes us perfectly and it is our goal to keep golfers playing this game and encourage new people to pick up a set of clubs.  Fore Fun’s first initiative is focused on educating golfers of all abilities about the games that can be played on the course.  If you are a golfer you may have heard of games like, Nassau, High Low, Bingo Bango Bongo, Vegas, etc.  Games increase the amount of fun on the course, but can also help players keep focus and hit better shots.  These games usually involve a small wager ($1, cold beverage or a candy bar) or you can just play for bragging rights.  Games can be played with groups of all sizes and abilities; you just need to find the right one.

Games for Golf
Fore Fun Game Cards are free to Golf Courses

Our research has shown that golf games are not well known by many golfers, so we are set to fix the problem with two key initiatives.  The first is the distribution of the Fore Fun Game Card.  These cards highlight the six most popular games that we feel golfers will like and we provide these free of charge to any golf course that is interested.  The courses are then encouraged to pass out these cards to their golfers to help them find a new game, have more fun and come back and play more golf!  The second initiative is the resource our website provides.  The site lists nearly every game that can be played on the golf course from a small side bet to formats for large groups.  We hope this is a go to website for anyone looking to find a game to play.  Well….check it out already!

The sky is the limit for future Fore Fun initiatives (tongue twister), but we are motivated to bring more fun to you as you get out on the course with your kids, your parents, your lady friends, your co-workers or your pals.  Before you clean the dust off your clubs this spring and start loosening up your rusty swing – check out and find a few fun games to try out this year on the course.  If you have any ideas to make the game more fun – shoot us an email as we would love to bring it to life.

B.J. Viau, Mr. Fun

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