Regifted Baseball is Crowd Pleaser

Cubs fan gets a souvenir
Cubs fan gets a souvenir

A souvenir baseball was a gift 3 times at Wrigley Field last Sunday when the Cubs hosted the Marlins.

A Cubs fan couldn’t haul in a foul ball in the right field bleachers hit by Marlins Marcell Ozuna in the 5th inning. The fan dropped the ball and it fell back into right-field. Chicago Cubs right fielder Nate Schierholtz retrieved the ball and distributed the ball as the first gift when he tossed it back into the crowd.

Regifting a baseball
Cubs fan gets a souvenir – but doesn’t keep it for long

A Marlins fan caught the ball, and then made it a second gift when he gave it to the Cubs fan who had dropped it initially. The Cubs fan wasn’t happy about his drop but his frustration turned quickly to a smile upon receiving the ball.

After a short time, the Cubs fan gave the ball back to the Marlins’ fan son, who seemed very pleased with his new souvenir.

The fans in the stands and the TV announcers loved the gift exchange and play continued on. Nice gestures all around at the old ballpark.

According to, the odds of ending up with a souvenir baseball at a game are not great – about 1 in 1,189.


“In reality, there were 120,946 foul balls and home runs during the 2005 season and 74,915,268 fans in attendance that same year, which ends up being about 1 in every 619 fans end up with a ball. This is probably better than the actual odds since not all foul balls are hit into the stands.

If we were to say half of all foul balls were hit onto the field and the other half hit into the stands then the odds jump to 1 in 1189.”

In this feel good story, apparently your odds get better with a little help from your friends.

Regifted Baseball is Crowd Pleaser VIDEO

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