Russell Wilson Fantasy Football Names

Here are a few selections for Russell Wilson fantasy football names. After leading the Wisconsin Badgers to the Rose Bowl in his one year at Madison, Wilson took the NFL by storm. Prior to being a Badger, Wilson played football and baseball at North Carolinia State. Wilson played minor league baseball as a second baseman. In football, he takes on more of a role as a pitcher. In his second season in the NFL, he led the Seahawks to their first ever Super Bowl victory.

Check out these Russell Wilson Fantasy Football team names.

Funny Russell Wilson Fantasy Football Names

  • From Russell With Love.
  • Everyday I’m Russelling.
  • Why Not Russ?
  • Russell Up!
  • Russellin some Feathers.
  • Wilson, we’re tough to beat!

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Russell Wilson Trivia

What popular singer mentions Russell Wilson in a rap song? Answer: Eminem did in 2013 singing, “It’s payback, Russell Wilson falling way back / In the draft, turn nothing into something, still can make that / Straw into gold chump, I will spin Rumpelstiltskin in a haystack.”


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Russell Wilson Fantasy Football Names

  • Run Russell Run!
  • DangeRUSS Liasons.
  • Russell Sprouts.
  • Wilson…we’re tough to beat!
  • Russell n’ Flow.
  • Russell’n my Jimmies (with Jimmy Graham).

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Wilson Fun Facts

• Wilson is married to Ciara, the singer and song writer. They were married in 2016.

• The couple owns two Great Danes named: Naomi and Prince.

• Wilson gave a very impressive commencement speech at the University of Wisconsin in 2016.

• As the Seahawks QB, Wilson gives back to the community in many way. During the NFL season he makes weekly visits to the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

• Wilson is second only to Aaron Rodgers in career passer rating. With a minimum attempts of 1,500, his rating is 99.6.


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