Hoops Coaches Quiz

1. What alphabetical nickname is given to Duke’s current mens basketball coach?

2. What nickname was bestowed on this former Notre Dame men’s basketball coach as a result of his father running a funeral parlor?

3. Having to share a wash tub with his siblings, what Big Ten coach was given this nickname by his family for his penchant for staying in the bath a long time?

4. Born Arnold Jacob, what former NBA coach received this nickname for the color of his hair (before he went bald)? Note: it wasn’t “Green.”

5. What Kansas basketball coach earned his nickname for his loud, “Foghorn-like” voice?


1. Coach “K” – Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski

2. Richard “Digger” Phelps.

3. Orlando “Tubby” Smith

4. “Red” Auerbach

5. Dr. Forrest “Phog” Allen

Answer Key

5 right: One shining moment

4 right: Great presence of mind

3 right: More ESPN, less cartoons

2 right: A college basketball TV analyst role is in your future

1 right: It’s back to fundamental basketball for you


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