NFL Trivia Quiz

1. What defensive great was nicknamed “the Minister of Defense”?

2. In what year did Monday Night Football on ABC premiere: 1968, 1969 or 1971? For an extra point, who did the play-by-play the first year?

3. What charitable organization, that the NFL has been a long-time supporter of, uses the tag line: “Thanks to you it works for all of us?”

4. What ESPN anchor has bestowed these nicknames: Andre “Bad Moon” Rison and Curtis “My Favorite” Martin?

5. What was Los Angeles Ram’s defensive lineman David Jone’s more popular, and more reverendly, nickname?


1. ANSWER: Reggie White
2. ANSWER: 1971 Extra point answer: Keith Jackson. Fumble!!!!!
3. ANSWER: The United Way
4. ANSWER: Chris Berman
5. ANSWER: Deacon. He coined it himself thinking that a name with a religious connotation would stand out in the violent world of football. Jones also came up with the term: “sack” for tackling a QB behind the line of scrimmage.

Score Key

5 right: Apparently Bill Walsh isn’t the only football genius
4 right: Brady-like
3 right: Wild-card contender
2 right: Wait till next year
1 right: Get the punt team out on the field pronto

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