Sports Quotes, Slogans, Practice Plans and More

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With fall sports seasons gearing up into full swing, we wanted to alert you to some of the sports resources that can help out sports team parents, booster clubs, team captains and coaches. Helping to organize and manage a a sport at any level, requires some work and patience. We’ve attempted to make things easier for you with a set of resources that you can tap into for everything from slogan ideas for a team sweat shirt to practice plans and award certificates.

For some traditional fall sports, please check out these resources:

Sports Resources: Cross Country Quotes and Slogans

Cross country sayings and slogans image“Some people don’t have the guts for distance racing. The polite term for them is sprinters”, and “The faster you run the faster you’re done” are just a couple examples shown in our Cross Country Quotes. The sport of cross country has a rich tradition of humorous sayings on shirts and warm-ups. If you’re looking for some ideas, check out Cross Country Slogans and Sayings. A couple of our favorites include: “If you can read this, thank your cross country coach” shown on the back of a shirt and “Cross Country was invented so water would taste good.”

Football Quotes, Slogans & Practice Plans

We have pages of football quotes from players, ex-players, announcers, coaches and more. From Vince Lombardi to Russell Wilson, you’re sure to find something to inspire and motivate your team. And, if you’re still looking for more, check out our huge collection of football sayings and slogans. Great for locker room posters or motivational signs. If you’re coaching a youth team, go with the football coaching bible. It will show you a winning formula for your youth football team. To recognize players and coaches, check out the Well Prepared Coach award certificates and coaching forms.

Soccer Quotes, Slogans & Practice Plans

“Up to 5 goals is journalism, after that it’s statistics,” is just one of the quotes features in our soccer quotes area. The soccer slogans section features rallying cries like, “Our goal is stopping yours.” And, if you’re looking for youth soccer practice plans for a youth team, you’ll find all you need in this book by Colleen Carey. Loaded with easy to understand graphics and fun activities, your players will love it as much as you do.

Softball Quotes, Slogans & Practice Plans

Peruse a long list of fun softball quotes and then scoot over to the softball slogans section. And, if you need the heavy lifting done for you on softball practice plans, John Blissenbach has put together a valuable softball practice plans book to ensure your season is a great one.

Tennis Quotes & Slogans

If tennis is your racquet, check out our tennis quotes, and tennis sayings and slogans.

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Offseason Training

For young athletes looking to get ready for the season ahead, check out our baseball, basketball, fitness, football and softball MVP Offseason Training programs.