Ten year-old determined to run for his Disabled Brother

When 10 year-old Tobias Bass watched his big brother Titus missing out on running and playing outside, he was determined to do something about it.  Titus has cerebral palsy, and as a result, he’s unable to walk and hear.

Tobias’ determination to give Titus a fun, outdoor experience led him to reach out to Oklahoma’s News 9 news anchors to ask them to ask their viewers if anybody had a jogger pusher he could borrow.

Tobias Bass pushing is brother“No one has died, and I don’t want any money, but I need help,” wrote Tobias, “My pastor said we have to be God’s hands and feet, but I’m going to be his legs, too.”

His call to action was clear, “Can you go on the news and not ask Oklahomans to give me anything, but can someone loan me a jogger, so I can push Titus in the 5k?”

To further make his case, he volunteered not only to help Titus but also others who were less fortunate, “If someone can loan me a pusher I will volunteer myself out to any other parents who want me to run their disabled children in a 5k.  I can be the legs for more than one kid.”

Happily, the team at News 9 was able to secure a jogging stroller for Tobias from Oklahoma’s Assistive Technology Act Program, and not just a lender.  Tobias and Titus can keep it.  It looks like many fun runs are in store for these inspirational brothers.  A ten-year old determined to run for his disabled brother made it happen.