Three Fun Things for Futbol Fans

Here are three fun things for Futbol Fans to watch when the World Cup isn’t on.  As the knockout phase moves forward, fewer games are played.  You might still be looking for your futbol fix.  Here it is – 3 videos to help fill the time.

Three Fun Things for Futbol Fans

1.) Old man Sean Garnier shows his stuff in a Mexico street soccer game.  Remember how basketball star Kyrie Irving dressed and made himself up to look like old Uncle Drew?  Later joined by old man Kevin Love, they shook off the cobwebs and after a few bricks, didn’t miss a shot amongst a barrage of 3 pointers and dunks.  Well, for Mexican department store chain Coppel, street soccer champion Sean Garnier pulls off the same stunt for futbol fans.  Street soccer champion Sean Garnier jumps into a 5-on-5 game disguised as an old man, and after a couple moments of getting used to the game, starts to dominate and then some.

Garnier, who spent 5 hours having his makeup applied, turns up the skill competition with deft dribbles, rainbow flicks and more.  The Frenchman caps it off when he depants an opposing player.  The crowd reacts to his awesome show of skills with applause.

Sean Garnier Video:  The Old Guy has got Game


2.) Google Doodle animation on watching the World Cup at the office.  Short and sweet, the video says it all.

June 23 Google Doodle Animation on World Cup watching at the office

Miguel Herrera3.) Miguel Herrera!  The breakthrough star of the 2014 World Cup has been Mexico’s coach Miguel Herrera.  This guy knows how to celebrate a goal!  The video below captures some of the great emotion he shows during a game.  By the time he had coached a couple televised games, half the world was cheering for him and his Mexican team.  Unfortunately for Herrera fans, his team fell to The Netherlands.  For more on this most positive coach, check out The Mirror.

Miguel Herrera Celebrating

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