13 Super Bowl 52 Tweets To Remember

best Tweets from Super Bowl 52

The 13 Best Tweets from Super Bowl 52 provide a nice summary of the big game and the hoopla surround it. And, what a game it was!

The tweets range from a hosting mayor welcoming message to a greeting from outer space, and some even address the football game. The half-time show? Covered. Best commercial? We got it. Read on and enjoy – especially if you’re an Eagles’ fan.

Best Tweets from Super Bowl 52 (2018)

There’s something about big, talked-about events like the Super Bowl and The Oscars that bring out the best tweets. Here were our favorites.

2018 Super Bowl Tweets

1.) Minneapolis Mayor’s Jacob Frey’s Welcoming Message

2.) Trust in Your Players

In fairness to Coach Belichick, we don’t have a good handle as to why Malcolm Butler was benched for the big game. There may have been justifiable reasons.

Doug Pederson put a lot of trust into his back-up QB. I suppose that Pederson’s role as a back-up quarterback during most of his playing career may have helped him with that decision.

With the gutsy “Philly Special” call, Pederson went against 95% of his coaching fraternity by making a very aggressive call at a critical point in the game. It’s the type of call most NFL coaches wouldn’t make in a regular season game. Pederson did it in a Super Bowl.

3.) The Real Nick Foles

Nick Foles made a statement in the NFC Championship game against the Vikings. He made an even bigger statement in the Super Bowl. Talking about hitting tight windows with passes. This guy was on fire! He puts the “man” in “Next man up.” Saint Nick made another visit for Philly fans.

4.) Who wore it best?

This is funny – especially for Apple computer owners.

5.) JT’s Outfit was Ripe for Parody

I think Bob Ross could knock off Justin Timberlake’s outfit in about the same amount of time it would take Philly to march down the field from their own 25 yard line and score a touchdown.

6.) Did You Know Prince is from Minneapolis?

Minnesotans are more than a little proud of the fact that Prince is from Minnesota. What gave it away? Oh, by the way, Bob Dylan is from here, too.

7.) The Best Super Bowl Commercial 2018

Like his brother Peyton Manning, Eli has this whole commercial thing down. I can’t tell you why; but they know how to get a laugh.

8.) Empire State Building is Flying like an Eagle

Okay, this is not going to make Giants and Jets fans happy. Empire State Building, you have some ‘plaining to do to your local football fans. Note: from Minneapolis, we forgive you.

9.) Fly Eagles Fly

It was a long time coming.

10.) Lord’s Prayer

Eagles’ players and coaches seemed like great people. Foles and Pederson, who garnered most of the air time, are class acts. Congrats!

11.) Congrats From Outer Space

A bird’s eye view of the city of Philadelphia with congratulations from the Space Station. Philly fans understand what “feeling out of this world” is like.

12.) The Gates


13.) Okay, Tom Brady didn’t write this

Brady throws for 500 yards and loses. That’s gotta be tough; but Brady handled it all with good sportsmanship. Plus, he does have a few rings to fall back on.

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