2015 All Hockey Hair Team – Let Your Love Flow

What the “One Shining Moment” video production is to the NCAA “March Madness” Tournament, the “All Hockey Hair Team” video is to the the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament — sort of. The difference being: the All Hockey Hair Team short, produced by Pulltab Productions, is focused on rating players’ hair to see who qualifies for the all tournament team as they skate forward for introductions. While “One Shining Moment” is mostly basketball game action highlights.

Much of the Minnesota State Hockey Tournament is televised across the state. Yes, hockey and “The Tourney” is that  big deal in the “State of Hockey.” A couple of games this year enjoyed a live attendance of over 20,000 people. Traditionally, players take advantage of their brief spotlight on TV to say “hi mom” or pay a short tribute to a friend, teacher or family member.

2015 All Hockey Hair Team video imageThings changed in 2011, when Pulltab Productions launched the All Hockey Hair Team. Yes, players still say “hi mom,” but it seems like they’re spending a little more time on their hair.

Check out our story last year that provides some background on the  Minnesota State Hockey tournament and includes the 2014 All Hockey Hair Team video. While hockey hair has long lived a life of its own, Pulltab’s hilarious commentary on the videos elevated the importance of looking your best during introductions. The droll commentator even notes that some players are “trying too hard” in the past couple of videos.

If you’re a first time viewer, here’s some lingo that might be helpful for you:

Hockey Hair video 2015 image
Not your traditional hockey hair

Hockey Hair definitions

Hockey Hair:  (From Urban Dictionary) – “long , untamed hair usually capped with a hat with wings of hair flowing and curling up from under it. This hair flows easily out of hockey helmets and is becoming popular throughout hockey players everywhere.”

Flow: the wings of hair typically flowing from the sides of a helmet, or during the off season, a baseball hat.

Salad: Another word for hair.

Okay, I think first time viewers are ready.

The 2015 All Hockey Hair Team Video

The best thing about these videos are the great lines delivered.  Here were some of our favorites:

One dozen of the Best lines from the 2015 All Hockey Hair Team Video

  1. “The audible gasps in the crowd…” (when one player releases his bound pony tail)
  2. “We had a military academy, but we just fast forwarded through it”
  3. “This guy’s last name is even Hawk. They should let him play in a leather vest, cause he’s the leader of these Sons of Anarchy.”
  4. “Dual exhaust, I mean just giant stuff out the back!”
  5. “I had to build an entirely new algorithm…”
  6. “And the Salad Santa was ready to see who was on the nice list.”
  7. “And I think the air bag went off when he did that.” (Describing a player “coming in hot.”)
  8. “One school that brings it every year – Hairman town” (instead of Hermantown, MN – a team that’s made it into the finals in Class A for the last 6 years in a row.)
  9. “…and I hope this kid ends up on Ellen – he’s that good.” (The person that should end up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show is Mr. Pulltab Productions himself)
  10. “This coach only has one wing. He may be flying in circles, but he’s on our team.”
  11. “If that’s a salad, then that’s a chop, because a man just ordered it.”
  12. “A little flavor saver – hey, put it on Sea Bass’ tab won’t you? (Bonus points for a “Dumb and Dumber” reference.)

Also, you’ll want to check out previous years’ videos at the Pulltab Productions channel on YouTube – it’s well worth it.

In this Minnesotan’s time capsule, amongst a Homer Hanky, a Prince album, a Bundt cake pan and a Fargo DVD, will be the complete collection of the “All Hockey Hair Team” videos.

Please share the video with everyone you know. From the video, you can see they’re trying to raise some money for a good cause and need lots of viewers.  Good karma will flow back to you. Thanks.

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