5 Highlights from World Cup 2014

Best goal of World Cup 2014

The first week of World Cup 2014 has been just what soccer fans have desired – close games, no shortage of goals and good play.  After the first week, we’ve identified our:

World Cup 2014: Highlights You’ll Remember

5. Japanese supporters taking being a good fan to the next level.  After a disappointing loss to the Ivory Coast, Japanese fans stayed after the game to help clean up their area of the stands.  Armed with trash bags, the Japanese fans cleaned up litter to the surprise of other fans in attendance.  Cleaning up at sporting events is a Japanese tradition that hopefully will gain support elsewhere.

4. Team USA’s John Anthony Brooks header goal enables U.S. to beat Ghana for the first time at a World Cup.  A half-time sub, it was Brooks’ first World Cup goal and the first time a sub has scored for the U.S. in World Cup competition.

3. World Cup and Twitter bring the world closer together.  There were 7.2 million tweets on the World Cup sent during the England vs. Italy game alone.  The World Cup will surpass the Super Bowl as the most tweeted about sporting event in history.  If you’re looking at getting the pulse of soccer fans across the world in real time, Twitter is the place.


2. Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa plays game of his life.  With 7 saves, including 3 very difficult ones, Ochoa helped Mexico earn a tie with host Brazil.

1. Robin van Persie’s goal against Spain.  The Dutchman’s flying header over the Spanish goalkeeper was the shot heard around the world.  Replays have been shown on countless newscasts, a flip book depicting the goal ahs been created and the “Persieing” craze – think planking – is keeping social media outlets busy.  The equalizer helped propel The Netherlands to an unexpected 5-1 victory over Spain.

Robin to the Rescue
Who needs Batman? Robin to the Rescue.