Improve Your Game: Summer Product Review

Looking to improve your game? With kids out of school and the official kick-off of summer days away, thought it would be fun to take a look at a few youth sports products that fit the season. All of these products are offered at the Sports Feel Good Stories Store. Here’s a cool thing: with the purchase of any of these 5 products, or any products at the store, you’ll also receive a certificate pack free that you can give to your favorite teacher/classroom. Find out more about the Reward a Classroom program here.

Products to Improve Your Game

1.) MVP Offseason Workouts for Youth Football — Looking for a process to get in shape for football season ahead. Here’s the ticket. It’s a comprehensive training program for 10 – 14 year-olds that will get you working on your football skills, and get you in shape. You’ll stand out in try outs by just having gone through this training program. Plus, your football star to be will learn how to interact with coaches, food suggestions for practices and game days, the benefits of goal setting and more. There’s a strong emphasis on fundamentals, and breaking down more complex activities into simpler steps. There’s 18 sessions – each last a little over one hour.

Offseason Football Workout Plans image

2.) MVP Offseason Workouts for Youth Basketball — Do you really think Step Curry or LeBron James learned all their basketball by going to clinics or by playing in leagues? No, a lot of improvements in their games came by working out by themselves. You get lots of repetitions, you can highlight and focus on areas that need improvement, and it sets you apart from others – because, they’re not doing the workouts you’re doing. Parents love these programs because they’re kids can work out at home or in their own neighborhoods. There’s less wasted time spent in card driving to a gym across town. And, even better, the cost for 18 sessions is $23.99. Compare that to hundreds of dollars for an overnight camp or $100+ for a clinic. Players can improve dramatically with this program. Summer is a great time to work on your game.

Offseason Workouts for Youth Basketball

Sports Award Certificates and Coach’s Practice Plans

3.) Tennis, Golf, Swimming, Running and Dancing Certificates — Our sports award certificates templates are on a roll. We’ve added several new products including versions for ballet, tennis, golf, swimming, running, children’s milestones, dancing, yoga, lacrosse and more. Stylish designs and super-easy to use, you can make fantastic looking certificates in no time. Just pick the certificate you’d like, personalize it with details by using the text fields, print it, and present it! Very impressive and a lasting keepsake!

golf certificates templates grid
Golf certificates

4.) Softball, Soccer, Basketball and Baseball Practice plans — These guides make your coaching life a whole lot easier. Don’t wing it. Don’t do what your coach did 3 decades ago. Work with proven formulas that work. Each guide includes step-by-step directions for running a whole season’s worth of practices. You’ll be a better coach. Most importantly, your players will improve at a fast clip and have their best seasons ever! Improve your game!

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