“All Hockey Hair Team 2013” from the MN High School Hockey Tournament

First a little background: The Urban Dictionary defines “Hockey Hair” as “long, untamed hair usually capped with a hat with wings of hair flowing and curling up from under it. This hair flows easily out of hockey helmets and is becoming popular with hockey players everywhere.”

Indiana has high school basketball, Texas has high school football, and Minnesota has high school hockey. Neal Broten, Phil Housley, Mark Parrish and Herb Brooks are just some of the notables who have played in the tournament in past years. The tournament creates lifetime memories for many participants. According to a Sports Illustrated article on the tournament, “A few years ago a hockey columnist quoted former University of Minnesota and U.S. Olympic coach Herb Brooks as saying that winning a state championship for St. Paul’s Johnson High in 1955 was one of the best moments of his career. Upon reading it, Brooks called the writer and claimed he had been misquoted. Brooks said it was the best moment, better than coaching the Miracle on Ice team in the 1980 Winter Olympics.”

Each year, the final rounds of the hockey tournament are televised across the state.  Hockey players growing up dream of being introduced on tv before their state tournament games.  There’s the opportunity to say, “Hi Mom,” smile at the camera, and to showcase your favorite hair cut.  For the past couple of years, one gentleman has put together his favorite “Hockey Hair Team,” with winners receiving the opportunity to receive a free hair cut.

The running commentary on each hairdo makes this the best Hockey Hair team video we’ve ever seen (and the only one we’ve ever seen).  When a Hermantown player with long hair and beard is shown, the voice over states, “”Finishing up with Jake here, who shows us that Hermantown is indeed, nearby Bethlehem.”

The video is produced by Pulltab Productions and definitely worth a watch.