Basketball prank backfires when teacher makes half-court shot blindfolded

Students at Olathe Northwest High School attempted to pull a prank on Joel Branstrom, one of their science teachers and the girls basketball coach. Undoubtedly inspired by College Humor’s Prank Wars, the plan was to have Mr. Branstrom shoot a half-court shot blindfolded. The students promised him NCAA Final Four tickets if he made the shot. Beforehand, the student assembly was instructed  to applaud like crazy after his shot attempt to make Mr. Branstrom believe that he had made the shot, as they all expected him to miss.

However, the former KU walk-on player made the basket and the assembly’s applause was genuine.  Branstrom has since appeared on ESPN and on morning news shows explaining his feat.  As the students never had NCAA Final Four tickets they promised him, a gift certificate to a Mexican restaurant was given to him.  However, someone has stepped forward with Final Four tickets for Branstrom and his family.

Basketball Prank Backfires Video



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