Starting a Sports Blog

Ever considered starting a sports website? Have you ever been placed in a position where the most important decisions you need to make have to happen before you really have a lay of the land?

Maybe you’re hired for an important company position and you have to approve a budget for the year ahead. At the point that you’re hired, you don’t really know what’s worked in the past and what hasn’t. You don’t even have a firm read on all of the people on your team. And yet, important decisions need to be made right away. That’s a tough situation.

It’s not dissimilar to starting a new blog or website if you’re new to it.

When you’re starting a sports website, critical decisions need to be made like:

  • The niche your targeting,
  • Your domain name,
  • How and where to host your site, and
  • What content system to use.

Having gone through this process about 6 years ago when I started Sports Feel Good Stories, I know there’s a sense of uncertainty. Many thoughts ran through my mind. Is this alternative the best solution? Will it work short term and long term? If I make a mistake, how easy will it be to correct.

One of the great things about our modern day Internet is the spirit of transparency and good-spirited helpfulness that seems to be prevalent amongst many website publishers. Many site writers share tips on how they started and what they’ve done on a variety of fronts to advance their sites and their goals for the sites. After a lot of Internet research, I feel I was able to land on some good choices.

Since then, I’ve made improvements to Sports Feel Good Stories, launched a couple other sites, and fine tuned my process to a point that I think it works nicely.

Beginner’s Guide: Starting a Sports Website

If you’re thinking of launching a sports blog, or really any blog for that matter – music blog (the most popular category per the Google index), food blog, fashion blog, photography blog, etc. – please consider reviewing our beginner’s guide. You’ll find valuable advice that will save you time and maybe a few bucks. So, in terms of how to create a website, how to start a blog and how to build a blog; here’s where you begin.

Topics covered include:

  1. Determine your niche
  2. Decide on your name
  3. Plan your first post and give thought to others
  4. Set up your blog on a hosting service
  5. Install WordPress and decide on theme
  6. Complete the theme’s set-up process and add 2 plugins
  7. Perform some basic optimization of your site

Here’s the Beginner’s Guide: Starting a Sports Blog.

Starting a Sports Website

Beginner’s Guide: Starting a Sports Blog • Beginner’s Guide: Starting a Sports Blog

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  1. Thanks for your inspirations. I also owner of a sports related blog. It’s sports photography blog. Here I followed all instructions.

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