Best Wifi Names

The best wifi names don’t always jump immediately to mind when faced with the challenge. It takes a bit of time to consider the perfect selection. But, we’ve made it easier for you with our lists of naming options.

The Absolute Best Wifi Names

  1. Dora the Internet Explorer
  2. Wi of the Tiger
  3. You’ve Got Mail
  4. Look Ma No Wires
  5. That’s What She SSID
  6. Bohemian Raspberry
  7. The Bluetooth Fairy
  8. Paper or Plastic?
  9. Wireless This Way
  10. Mom Click Here For Internet
  11. WAN to go Out
  12. Gone Wirelessbest wifi names image

    Creative Wifi Names

  13. It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
  14. Sponge Bob Square Squips
  15. You’re Watching My Wifi
  16. Disk Space Low
  17. Hiding in Plain Site
  18. Game of Drones
  19. You are the weakest linkys!
  20. My Wifi Wants a Divorce
  21. Smile You’re on Candid Camera
  22. Threes a Network
  23. I m hot. Spot
  24. Wifi the Inevitable?
  25. Quit Stealing my Newspaper.
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    Good Wifi Names for Home

  26. Everyday I’m Buffering
  27. Girls Gone Wireless
  28. Bed, Bath and Beyonce
  29. Life in the fast LAN
  30. Man and Wifi
  31. Shut Your Dog Up
  32. IP Green
  33. Classified
  34. Wifi Art Thou Romeo
  35. I have Internet and You Do Not
  36. John Wilkes Bluetooth
  37. Abraham Lynksys
  38. Hot Spot Baby
  39. Talk To Each Other
  40. Byte Me
  41. Wham Bam Thank You LAN
  42. Don’t Look Now
  43. Buffering Bad
  44. Access Denied
  45. Have You Stopped Beating Your Wifi?
  46. Nacho Hot Spot
  47. DEA Surveillance
  48. Hide Your Wifi and Kids
  49. Black Sheep of the Neighborhood
  50. Virus No Why.

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    Wifi Names for Your Business

  51. Titanic Synching
  52. Lex Luther
  53. Keep it on the Download
  54. Never Guess the Password
  55. I See You
  56. Take My Wifi, Please
  57. Talk into the Screen
  58. The Samurai’s Wifi
  59. Waffle Fries
  60. Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
  61. Pings Pong
  62. Connect This
  63. Any Portal in a Storm
  64. Ping Me
  65. BatLAN and Robin
  66. LAN Calling
  67. Smoke on the Wireless
  68. You Really Got Megabytes
  69. Don’t Fear the Router
  70. One Way or a Wifi.

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Awesome Wifi Names

  1. Wifi the Feeling?
  2. Buffering Worthy
  3. Rhythm and Bluetooth
  4. Bandwidth on the Run
  5. Bird on a Wireless
  6. Winona Router
  7. The Promised LAN
  8. Don’t Ask For A Password
  9. Silence of the Lans
  10. The Good Wifi
  11. Password is Taco.

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What makes the best wifi names?

Selecting the optimum choice makes you think: just what makes a good name? Well, here are some questions to ask yourself about the name you have in mind:

  • Is it appropriate for all audiences?
  • How easy is the name to say?
  • Is the name memorable? You want the name to quickly jump to the top of your mind when friends ask.
  • How does the selection look in writing?
  • Does the name resonate with you?
  • What will your neighbors think? In addition to you and your guests, this is the audience that will be seeing your choice.


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