Bonnie Richardson wins Texas state track team title by herself — again!

Bonnie Richardson won back-to-back Texas state team track championships by herself.   The senior from Rochelle, Texas (population 600), accomplished what no one before her has done.  By winning the long jump and the high jump and finishing second in the discus, she earned enough points on her own to beat all of the other teams.  In a similar fashion, she won the team title in 2008.  The valedictorian of her class of 14, Richardson plans on attending Texas A&M.


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“THEY’RE DRIVING to the Texas state track meet in Austin. It’s May 2008. She’s the only athlete in her school who qualified. But only two other girls are on her track team. Only 58 other students attend her high school. Only 162 other people live in her town.

A school. A Baptist church. A post office. A volunteer fire department. Linda’s Hair Hut. Two water tanks. No stoplight. An hour-and-a-half drive to shop for clothes. How’re your parents doin’? Didn’t see you in church last week. That’s her town.”