Butler’s Brad Stevens’ coaching wisdom

Butler’s amazing NCAA basketball tournament run was a great learning opportunity for sports coaches across the country.  Why?  When the cameras turned on Butler’s young coach during thrilling, nail-biting games, it was hard to find times when Stevens wasn’t either smiling or passing on words of encouragement to his players. His approach sure seemed to work as his players always hit the court with a quiet confidence and came very close to winning it all.  His players possessed a certain poise on the court that was clearly passed down from the head coach.

The secret that Stevens has learned is that you don’t have to coach angry to get the best out of your players.  Perhaps the best example of that in the professional ranks is when Tony Dungy coached and led the Colts to a Super Bowl.

Why don’t more coaches at all levels take Stevens’ approach? Be prepared, stay calm, be positive, and encourage your team.  That’s some coaching wisdom we can take from Butler’s Brad Stevens and apply it to all ages in all sports.