Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Shohei Ohtani image

The Japanese Babe Ruth: Shohei Ohtani

There is a new sensation in baseball and he is from Japan. He is on a record-breaking spree and if we are to go...
Build confidence in young athletes image

7 Ways to Build Confidence in Young Athletes

"You have to believe in yourself when no one else does — that makes you a winner right there." --Venus Williams To build confidence in young athletes requires...
Guide to Choosing the Right Softball Bat visual

Selecting the Best Softball Bat Guide

Selecting the best softball bat should be given careful consideration by both players and parents. When a player steps into the batter’s box, there...
A new definition of superhero image

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

Superheroes are defined as "benevolent fictional characters with superhuman powers, such as Superman." Well, maybe it's time to expand that definition to include non-fictional...
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