Certificates for Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball and More

Our certificates for youth sports are a great way to recognize players and coaches.

Many youth sports are year round experiences. But, some winter sports are winding down or are completely over for teams.

Certificates for Youth Sports

If you’re a coach in youth sports or a team parent, or maybe just an interested sports parent, you might find something of interest here for your child’s team.

Basketball Award Certificates

We have three options for youth basketball certificates:

1.) Our original, Kid Basketball Certificates

basketball certificates image2.) Girls Basketball Award Certificates

Girls basketball awards image

3.) Elite Basketball Certificates

elite basketball certificate templates button

Here’s what they look like (remember they print out to 8.5 by 11″) and there are lots of options for team players:

Cool basketball certificates image

Simple to use, these certificates can be personalized for each player. They make a great gift at a year-end sports banquet. Kids will treasure them and the awards will remind them of their fun year.

Hockey Award Templates

25 customizable hockey award certificates to recognize forwards, centers, goalies and defenders.

hockey certificates templates
Click on the visual above to learn more about these hockey certificate templates.

Volleyball Certificates

For each of these volleyball certificates, just type in name, team name, coach’s name, other details, and words of praise in the black text fields. What you see, is what you get. Simple to use and the results look great!

Volleyball Players Certificates image
Recognize your players’ efforts!

Don’t see your sport represented here? Then, check out our Sports Feel Good Stories Store.

Practice Plans for Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and Softball

If you’re sport is just about getting started, and you’re coaching this year, you might appreciate one of our practice plans. Check out our practice plans for baseball, basketball, soccer, softball and football.Practice Plans for Youth sports image

These practice plans handle all the heavy lifting for a volunteer coach so that you can coach in the moment and not have to worry about what’s next on the agenda. From opening remarks prior to court or field time, to summary points and all the drills in between; these agendas have it all. Work with a winning system that’s been tested by real coaches. You’ll have more fun. Parents will enjoy the season more, and best of all, your players will improve like they never have before.


Consider incorporating a sports slogan for your team as a rallying cry. Or, use the slogan or sports quote on your certificates.

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