Dude Perfect takes basketball trick shots to a new level

Basketball trick shots have a rich history. What child of the sixties doesn’t remember Harlem Globetrotters’ Meadowlark Lemon’s trademark hook shots from half court? More recently, the Hampton Inn Hot Shots bounced basketballs off roof tops and baseball bats while making incredible shots in national ads for the hotel chain.

Now, Dude Perfect, a group of college kids from Texas A & M, have turned their ability to make crazy basketball shots into commercial guns for hire.  After several trick shot videos made them viral superstars, including claim to the longest basketball shot ever made, they turned their efforts to help promote Tyreke Evans in his successful campaign for NBA Rookie of the Year.

In their latest video, Dude Perfect is helping promote the “GMC Heavy Duty Pickup Games” by making a crazy basketball shot from an airplane.  In a crop duster plane and in windy conditions, Dude Perfect’s top gun made the shot in the second attempt.  Shooting 50% from an airplane isn’t too bad when you consider free throw shooting percentages of some professional players!

Dude Perfect Basketball Trick Shots by Dude Perfect Video


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