Fantasy Football Awards

Fantasy Football Awards don’t have to be the same old same old. Throughout fantasy football season and at season’s end, it’s fun to recognize various achievements and miscues with a series of fun, fantasy football certificates specifically designed for that purpose.

Awards for Fantasy Football Leagues

Each pack includes 35 Fantasy Football Certificate templates. You can use the text fields to personalize each certificate for an owner in your league. Feel free to talk some smack, recognize brilliant G.M. moves and reward the champs! All you have to do is select the certificate you want to customize, fill in the text, print and present it. You can also attach it to emails and texts, or post them on Facebook. Throw away the fantasy football trophies and fantasy football belts.

It’s a great way to connect with other owners in your league and keep the fun from draft night going full steam.

Fantasy Football Awards Pricing

There are two options for purchasing this digital product:

  1. Single User for your own use:  $19.99
  2. Multiple Users license for your league (up to 12 teams): $29.99

With the multiple users license, team owners can be swapping certificates with each other all season long.

Fantasy Football Awards image

The Cranky Commissioner Fantasy Football Certificates were launched last year to acclaim from both Fantasy Football commissioners and league owners. The certificates provides a simple way to get your message across to others in your league. In addition to recognizing achievement and the smack talking certificates, there are also some that are very functional.

If a league owner is past due on payment, the “Pay Up” Certificate can be used. Want to make a trade? Use the “Let’s Make a Deal” certificate. There’s also a Commissioner’s Update certificate for the commish to share with league owners the news of the week, updates, significant trades, etc.

“With Fantasy Football reaching new heights of popularity,” notes designer Greg Johnson, “The Cranky Commissioner’s fantasy football certificates are gaining traction quickly in many leagues.”

Learn more about fantasy football certificates here.