Fantasy Football Mid-Season Review

It’s Fantasy Football Mid-Season Review time! So, now that the 2019 season is in full stride, let’s take a look at the State of Fantasy Football with the official Mid-season Review.

Every team has had their share of ups and downs – save the Patriots and the 49ers. A couple teams that started red-hot have now cooled-off a bit – the Chiefs, the Ravens – while other teams – like the Saints, the Panthers – that started off looking a bit rocky have become seemingly untouchable.

Let’s take a look at all of the key roles on a fantasy football team starting with quarterbacks.

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Midseason Marks for Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

The usual suspects with two newbies finding their way.

1.) Lamar Jackson

Was Mr. Jackson the first QB drafted in your league? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

A bit of a surprise for some, validation and vindication for others that were believers all along. Jackson is one of the new faces on this list and is in his first full season commanding an NFL offense and has already completely overshadowed the former Ravens signal caller, Joe Flacco. 175 points and plenty more where that came from.

2.) Russell Wilson

The dynamic QB is no stranger to this list. His legs and his fantasy points (169) are second-to-(n)one, Jackson.

3.) Deshaun Watson

Although Houston has found itself up and down a bit this year, one guy who continually finished near the top is Watson. At his command is his fleet of fleet-of-feet WRs (tongue twister). Combined with a pair of fleet feet of his own, these weapons have made him a viable contender for top fantasy QB with 167 points to-date.

4.) Dak Prescott

Some are quick to call “FRAUD” when it comes to Prescott’s true talent level, but fantasy points aren’t concerned with the opinions of haters. Prescott has a big arm and big play potential and his team isn’t afraid to go big in big games. This has netted him 153 points through 7 games.

5.) Pat Mahomes

Nobody rejoiced when Mahomes went down last Thursday night. It is a sad reality of the sport we love; the dangers are real for everyone that suits up and not even the reigning MVP is safe. With 149 points, Mahomes was clearly carving out his case for top QB for a second year running. He won’t reach that this year, but if you have an IR spot in your league he’s a great stash for the playoffs.

6.) Matt Ryan

Although the Atlanta Falcons are the not-so-proud owners of a dismal 1-6 record, chances are if your fantasy team has Matt Ryan you’re probably the owner of a not-too-shabby record. 141 points will do that.

7.) Aaron Rodgers

By all of his own standards, Rodgers has had a slow start to the season, and yet he still comes in at 7 on this list. Sunday’s 43-point explosion did a lot to help propel him up the ranks. He now sits firmly within the top ten QBs with 137 points.

8.) Kyler Murray

The second and only other new face on this list is the Cardinals’ number-1 overall draft pick. The rookie was expected to ball-out this year, but for him to already be in the top-10 with 133 points just halfway into the fantasy season really speaks to just how NFL-ready he really was. It is safe to assume he keeps climbing as he is the only rookie on this list and each week gives him valuable new insight and experience.

9.) Tom Brady

I’ll spare you any talk about Brady being the “ageless wonder.” We get enough of that any time an announcer goes off-script in a Patriots broadcast. Brady isn’t lighting up the fantasy world like he would have been with Antonio Brown, but he’s still doing pretty good with the crew he has in place, which has seen him to 131 points this season.

10.) Carson Wentz

If you drafted Wentz then seeing him toward the bottom of this list isn’t exactly where you were hoping he’d be at this point. Although it’s tough to complain with a top-ten appearance, it certainly doesn’t justify the high price paid in fantasy drafts. 123 points isn’t bad, but it’s 50+ points behind Lamar Jackson, who undoubtedly went several rounds later than Wentz in your draft.

11.) Kirk Cousins

I’m not as surprised to see Cousins here as most people might be. He isn’t living up to his contract, but he isn’t a total disgrace either. He has the talent, the smarts, the coaches, the arm strength, and the supporting cast – he just needs to prove he can beat good teams. As it is now, Cousins is a lock-in, top-ten producer against teams with poor records, and a lock-in bench rider against teams with winning records. That’s netted him a pretty decent 120 points so far. Stick to that formula and he can help you on choice weeks.

12.) Matt Stafford

The 3rd NFC North QB on this list. Stafford is a good QB, albeit often overlooked. He has a strong pair of WRs in Jones and Golladay and they have helped him pile-up 118 points.

Midseason Marks for Wide Receivers (WRs) PPR

Best Six WRs Fantasy

1.) Michael Thomas 156 — The surprise isn’t that Thomas is at the top of the list, it’s that he’s accomplished it mostly without Drew Brees.

2.) Chris Godwin 145 — Even with Winston’s spotty-at-best quarterbacking, Godwin can’t be stopped. He is truly the WR1 in Tampa; Evans is downgraded to WR2.

3.) Cooper Kupp 132 — Of the three dynamic WRs on the Rams, Cooper Kupp was arguably the least likely to emerge as a top-3 wideout this early in the season, as he is only a year out from his 2018 ACL tear.

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4.) Amari Cooper 130 — Welp. If you doubted Cooper was the real deal after his two-faced, two-teamed 2018 season then you have already accepted the fact that you were wrong. Very wrong.

5.) DJ Chark Jr. 123 — If you thought that Chark would be in the top-5 midway through the fantasy season with Garner Minshew as his QB then congratulations you’re a bald-faced liar.

6.) Julio Jones 120 — Another year, another dominant performance from one of the NFL’s best.

Next Six WRs

7.) Tyler Lockett 119 — This man is the owner of the most impressive toe-tapping highlight reel for 2019. The Wilson-to-Lockett connection is on full display.

8.) Keenan Allen 118 — A full resurgence is underway after Allen’s disappointing (but healthy) 2018 season.

9.) DeAndre Hopkins 117 — Many thought Hopkins would be higher up on this list [including yours truly].

10.) Julian Edelman 111 — Edelman has seen a full carousel of WRs around him this season, yet he alone seems to be Tom Brady’s darling. Josh Gordon is out of the picture, so Edelman will only continue to climb.

11.) Courtland Sutton 110 — Speaking of “out of the picture” Emanuel Sanders is out of Denver and Sutton will absorb a lot of that target share.

12.) Adam Thielen 108 — Not quite the same start as last year, but still impressive none the less.

NFL Films on Adam Thielen Video

Midseason Marks for Running Backs (RBs)- PPR

Best Six RBs Fantasy

1.) Run CMC 181 — And Cristian McCaffrey already had his bye week.

2.) Dalvin Cook 164 — There aren’t too many cooks in this kitchen (err, backfield). In Minnesota’s run first offense there’s only one Cook and he’s the perfect recipe for a fantasy feast week-in and week-out.

3.) Austin Ekeler 160 — No, I didn’t think Ekeler would be in the top three either. And I certainly didn’t think that he’d remain there once Gordon returned.

Austin Ekeler: Who is this Man? Video

4.) Aaron Jones 138 — If I told you that an “Aaron” has the most fantasy points out of all the Packers players you’d certainly believe me. However, would you believe that last name isn’t Rodgers? Believe it.

5.) Zeke Elliott 135 — Just 8 weeks ago the 2019 season was about to begin and rumors of a full-scale Zeke holdout were looking like more than just rumors. But those dark days are long gone for Zeke owners. You took the gamble and boy has it paid off.

6.) Nick Chubb 127 — There’s an old saying that goes: “Never trust a man named Chubb.” Ok, I made that up. But it sounds believable. Either way, when it comes to fantasy football you most definitely should trust the man named Chubb.

Next Six RBs

7.) Leonard Fournette 123 — Fournette has found his good fortune in Jacksonville’s retooled offense.

8.) David Johnson 121 — Keep an eye on the ankle injury, but boy has Johnson flourished with the new faces around him in Arizona.

9.) Chris Carson 111 — Looks like Seattle found its workhorse. A Penny for your thoughts? Specifically, the disappearance of the former 2018 first round draft pick that was supposed to torpedo Carson’s fantasy season.

10.) Mark Ingram 110 — The second most dangerous rusher in Baltimore- but the only one that you can plug into your RB1 slot.

11.) Alvin Kamara 110 — He’s looked good in the spotlight, but truth be told, New Orleans’ rushing attack looked better last year when Kamara was only half of it.

12.) Derrick Henry 105 — At this point it is safe to say: Henry is indeed a dominant fantasy back. He just isn’t the most A little stability and reliability at the QB position in Tennessee could help Henry continue to move up the ranks in what is shaping up to be a career year for the running back.

Midseason Marks for Tight Ends (TEs)

The words alone are enough to make most fantasy managers shudder. The volatile, unpredictable position has been a bigger headache than usual this year (and it’s traditionally a pretty big headache to begin with).

Fantasy Football Mid-Season Review: Tight Ends – Best Six

1.) Austin Hooper 124 — Not the big name we were expecting in the top slot, but Austin Hooper certainly played lights out so far. Ryan’s absence might take him down a bit though.

2.) Darren Waller 105 — You didn’t see this guy coming and neither did I. In fact, nobody did. But he’s here and you better believe he’s here to stay.

3.) Travis Kelce 98 — Not bad, but he isn’t worth the 2nd round draft pick you dropped on him either.

4.) Mark Andrews 96 — Another surprise at the top of this list.

5.) Evan Engram 84 — Engram and his fantasy owners are in the world’s smallest club: “People who wish Eli Manning was still the starter in New York”.

6.) Zach Ertz 81 — Not bad, but again, not worth the 3rd or 4th round draft pick you dropped on him.

Next Six TEs

7.) George Kittle 79 — *See Above.

8.) Will Dissly 73 — Impressive. But, unfortunately Dissly has been placed on Injured Reserve.

9.) Gerald Everett 64 — Gerald who? Now, we know his name.

10.) Jason Witten 62 — The Rambler keeps on rambling and shows no signs he’s ready for retirement just yet.

11.) Greg Olsen 61 — Sometimes Maddening. Sometime Glorious. That’s Greg.

12.) Jimmy Graham 57 — He may have his own pair of patented Jimmy Graham Fryin’ Pan Hands that he uses to try to catch passes half of the time; but he’s still in the top 12. So, looks like I have to eat my own words…for now.

Fantasy Football Mid-Season Review: Defenses

1.) New England — Their performance has been absolutely astonishing so far. 161 fantasy points through 7 games. That’s more defensive fantasy points than most teams will probably score in all of the fantasy regular season. These guys are match-up proof.

Doesn’t Matter.) Everyone Else — With the exception of San Francisco (the only other undefeated team in the NFL and proud owner of 96 fantasy points) no other team has even half as many defensive points as the Patriots do.

Looking Back at Surprises and Expectations

We’ve seen some things that surprised us: the dominance of backup QBs Teddy Bridgewater and Kyle Allen (a combined record of 9-0); and we’ve seen some things that haven’t surprised us: The dominance of perennial all-star QBs Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady (combined record of 13-1).

We’ve seen some things that make us shake our heads with dismay and then scratch our heads in awe (Enter: Kirk Cousins/ Jameis Winston).

We’ve seen Rookies take full command of their offenses, be it what we expected (Kyler Murray), what we never expected (Garner Minshew), or what we doubted but can no longer deny (Daniel Jones).

What’s in store for the second half of the season? That’s why they play the games.


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The wizard of the waiver wire, the sage of scoring, and the passing pundit – Red Zone Rick – will be back for the second-half of the season to bring you all the tips and info you need to conquer your league. All hail the sage of the fantasy football mid-season review!

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