Fantasy Football: Top 100 Player Rankings PPR

When it comes to the top 100 Fantasy Football Player Rankings for 2019, certain challenges emerged. It’s easy enough at the top. Placing the top players in order based on likelihood of producing points and managing risk was fairly easy at the superstar level. Likewise, at the lower end – 80’s and beyond – it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.

But, those middle rounds are a beast. With pressure from players falling from above and lower level players challenging, it took considerable research and thought to arrive at this list.

These rankings should get most players through the first 8 rounds of your draft — assuming 12 owners or less in your league. Have a read through and see if you agree or not with my selections.

Top 100 Fantasy Football Player Rankings (PPR)


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1. Saquon Barkley

He does it ALL and nobody can stop him. It doesn’t matter if you’re PPR or standard scoring, Barkley’s rookie season was so stellar that there is just no way to justify not taking him with the first pick. He is a rare talent, he’s young but experienced, and he has great work ethic.

His character is outstanding and he is mature beyond his years. He has virtually 0 risk to have any concerns off the field, and he leaves no doubts about his abilities on the field. He is a bonafide Number 1 pick if there ever was one.

2. Ezekiel Elliot

He is THE workhorse powerback. And now he has a little help at the WR position with Amari Cooper. Elliot is everything a Number 1 pick would be if there wasn’t Saquon. The reason Elliot is Number 2: it’s not because he isn’t good enough to be Number 1.

Saquon is simply just too good to be in any position other than Number 1. And if there is a knock on Elliot, it is that he has already been suspended in his young career and lacks the off-field maturity that Barkley exudes.

3. Christian McCaffrey

McCaffrey showed up last year and proved he is who we thought he was. He shows no signs of stopping in 2019. Cam Newton’s shoulder is still on the mend, so it is logical to expect the Panthers to take some of the heat off of Newton with their ground game.

Newton’s shoulder woes were most noticeable in his mid-range and long balls, so it is safe to assume his short game will be his strength this season, of which McCaffrey will be the primary beneficiary.

4. Alvin Kamara

The slipperiest back in the NFL. The Saints expect nothing short of a Super Bowl appearance this season. They no longer have Mark Ingram and the replacement strategy has more to do with increasing Kamara’s workload than it does with free agent acquisition Latavius Murray.

Murray will help spell Kamara but don’t expect him to eat into his workload. If you are lucky enough to get Kamara, Murray is the handcuff you want on your bench.

5. Deandre Hopkins

Hopkins has great hands, great routes, and great speed. He can catch any ball, even when double covered. His QB is good and the whole Texans squad is solid. 2019 is likely to be a career year for Hopkins because for the first time everything is in place around him in Texas to help him succeed.

He has supporting WRs, a capable backfield, and a QB with a wide skill set and the ability to extend plays which is where Hopkins can really show his value.

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6. Le’Veon Bell

New team, new offense, new coaches. He’s had over a year of rest and relaxation. Does he start a little slow? Probably. Does he reach full speed by week 5 and never stop? Probably.

Le’Veon is a bit of a gamble because it is just impossible to gauge exactly where he’s at when you take into account all of the factors. The Jets themselves are hard to gauge. Their offense looks promising for the first time in years, but that promise is hollow until we see it on the field and on the scoreboard.

7. Melvin Gordon

Gordon has risen consistently and considerably over the last few years. He is on a tremendous offense, and he is the single most important piece. Rivers is instrumental but Gordon is vital. He is the motor that churns the offense down the field. Even with all the mouths to feed Gordon never misses a meal. He makes his points any way he can: at the goalline, up the middle, or with yards after the catch.

8. Michael Thomas

The only WR above him is Hopkins. Thomas is a premier player on an all-star team and the saints are going to use him to the height of his ability this year. Drew Brees is a competent QB which is essential when a single WR is doing most of the downfield heavy lifting.

A less talented and less experienced QB would throw more errant passes and would put Thomas in dangerous conditions, but Brees keeps the balls on target in all the best ways. This means that the tremendous volume Thomas will receive this season likely won’t have adverse effects on his health.

9. Julio Jones

It sure wouldn’t take much for Jones to reclaim his place as the best WR in football. The Falcons have been down ever since their Superbowl collapse. It would seem unlikely that they stay down much longer. Jones is the most dangerous part of this offense that looked unstoppable a few years ago, and he is arguably every bit as talented now as he was then.

10. Devante Adams

Clearly eclipsed by his supermassive quarterback, many critics dismiss Adams as a product of Rodgers rather than a prodigy. Well maybe he’s both, and he’s probably going to be a top 5 WR because of it. Adams has developed a keen connection with Rodgers which as time has shown is a very, very good thing for Green Bay.

It took a while, but that QB-to-WR connection if fully developed now and it is undoubtedly going to result in some onfield magic in 2019.

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11. David Johnson

The “Air Raid” offense in Arizona has one big X factor: David Johnson. It wasn’t long ago that he was the unanimous Number 1 pick in almost every fantasy draft. If the cardinals take flight Johnson could soar.

12. Todd Gurley

He would be sitting in the Number 1 spot if not for his injury. He can clearly think, run, and truck like a league leading back; but can his knee? It’s the brutal reality of a rough sport.

13. Travis Kelce

After a full season with Mahomes, expect Kelce’s ceiling to go even higher this year.

14. Odell Beckham Jr.

Nobody really knows what the Browns are going to look like but it’s pretty clear how OBJ’s new QB is going to look: a lot better than last year’s. OBJ can play, and he’s on a team that matches his passion. He should have a great season.

15. Tyreek Hill

He is going to play. And he is going to light it up.

16. Antonio Brown

The overall most talented wide receiver of the last decade. He has a new coach, a new QB, and a new start.

17. James Conner

He proved he can be every bit as effective as Le’Veon Bell, without all the drama.

18. Joe Mixon

“Breakout year” is the buzz around Mixon. If the Bengals as a team can step up, expect Mixon to leap ahead.

19. JuJu Smith-Schuster

He has shown he’s good and he has flashed greatness. Can he replace Antonio Brown though? Can he even match last year’s form without AB drawing double coverage? We think so. Plus, he’s not bad at Madden.

20. Keenan Allen

He frustrated fantasy owners for the first half of last season before igniting down the stretch. Best of all, he stayed healthy and enters this year healthy.

21. Dalvin Cook

The Vikings want to run. If they want to make it back to the playoffs, they need to run.

22. Mike Evans

If Bruce Arians has his way with this offense Mike Evans will be a steal for fantasy owners.

23. T.Y. Hilton

With Luck back we finally got to see just how good T.Y. really can be. He’s very good but don’t just trust me: He had twelve hundred receiving yards and 6 TD’s.

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24. Zach Ertz

There just aren’t any questions, there aren’t any concerns. If you want a great TE, get him.

25. Leonard Fournette

There are some questions, there are some concerns. He is a great running back but something still needs to click before it all comes together.


26. George Kittle

He absolutely took over last year. A complete display of raw football ability. And he gets a QB upgrade with Jimmy G back.

27. Devonta Freeman

He’s been a little sluggish, yet still not bad. The Falcons as a unit need to pull it together this year, and if they can, Freeman is a top 10 back.

28. Julian Edelman

No Gronk. The Brady-Edelman connection just keeps getting better.

29. Adam Thielen

The guy had 8-straight 100 yard games to start the season last year.

30. Amari Cooper

He went from rags to riches last year. In Oakland, the Raiders criminally misused his skills. But in Dallas the stars aligned and this Cowboy looked like a superstar.

31. A.J. Green

The struggle has been real. But it is A.J. Green! Have faith.

32. Robert Woods

It was Woods, not Kupp or Cooks, that looked like the WR1 last year.

33. Stefon Diggs

A little inconsistent last year (like the entire Vikings team) but still every bit as dangerous as ever. The entire inside scoop on the Vikings is that they are going to perform better this year, so Diggs should get the boost he needs.

34. Derrick Henry

You probably either want nothing to do with him because he’s burned you in the past, or you are burning to get him on your team because you saw him torching defenses at the tail end of 2018.

35. Nick Chubb

He is great, and on a great team, and he will be great to watch for the first 8 weeks. Then Hunt comes to town, and, well, Hunt is even greater.

36. Josh Jacobs

If you believe in Gruden then you know that this is your Gruden Grinder for the season.

37. Marlon Mack

He did alright last year, but he had ample opportunity to do more than just alright.

38. Kerryon Johnson

The lions want to run and control the clock. If that is going to happen then Johnson is going to have to have a good fantasy line.

39. Aaron Jones

Everyone in Green Bay is still big on Jones. Everyone else, not so much. But just remember there’s a reason they are praising him in Wisconsin.

40. Brandin Cooks

Fast and dangerous on what was at times was the best offense in the league last season.

41. Cooper Kupp

A budding star on a great offense. Also coming off an ACL tear.

42. Alshon Jeffery

Ranking in at 42, he is the most obvious candidate for “underrated”.

43. Kenny Golladay

Kenny. Can. Play. If Stafford can be more on-target Golladay could push WR1 status.

44. Damien Williams

As of right now he is the RB1 on the best offense in the NFL. It wouldn’t be right for him to be ranked any further back.

45. James White

“The Jack of All Trades”, “Mr. Fix it”, “White Hot”; I just made all these names up. And they are all very fitting.

46. Sony Michel

Michel came into form just in time to be the engine to win the Patriots the Super Bowl.

47. Patrick Mahomes

Reigning MVP. He’s Number 1, except this is fantasy and he’s a QB, so he’s actually Number 47. But Patrick Mahomes is QB1.

48. Chris Carson

Supposedly the Seahawks have fixed their run game and the name of that repairman is Carson.

49. Phillip Lindsay

Pretty big discount to think Lindsay could be available with the 49th pick. I wouldn’t see him dropping any further.

50. Mark Ingram

He’s good, but how much of the run game is going to belong to Lamar Jackson?

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51. Tyler Lockett

Your new Doug Baldwin!

52. Tyler Boyd

Your new A.J. Green?

53. DJ Moore

54. Allen Robinson

It wasn’t long ago that Robinson was first round talent (with Bortles even).

55. Jarvis Landry

OBJ and Landry are at it again.

56. Calvin Ridley

57. Sammy Watkins

He’s fast, he’s pretty good. But I’d suggest you take a different WR over Watkins if you can because he just doesn’t show up.

58. Tarik Cohen

The Human Joystick exploded last year and relatively few people seemed to notice.

59. Eric Ebron

Most mock drafts have Evan Engram going someone around the 60th pick. I can tell you, if there is a TE with the initials E.E. going here, it definitely should not be Engram.

60. Kenyan Drake

61. David Montgomery

62. Derrius Guice

Guice has a chip on his shoulder because of all the twitter heat he took from his knee injury. The only issue is that Adrian Peterson plays for this team too and A.P. doesn’t look like he’s going to just slide over and let Guice do all the work any time soon.

63. Robby Anderson

64. Mike Williams

65. Chris Godwin

66. O.J. Howard

67. Hunter Henry

Henry could be a STEAL.

68. Miles Sanders

69. Lamar Miller

It is certainly odd how Miller has continued to slide further down the drafting lists the last few seasons. He has the skills to be very good.

70. Tevin Coleman

Back with his old O.C. who is now his new Head Coach out East.

71. LeSean McCoy

Starting RB. Not a bad pick this far back.

72. Deshaun Watson

Fantasy football player rankings are difficult for mobile qb’s like Watson. He has a high upside, but questions linger about the Texans’ offense.

73. Aaron Rodgers

Will a new coach revitalize Mr. Rodgers?

74. Matt Ryan

75. Andrew Luck

Potentially could challenge for the top QB spot this season.

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76. Will Fuller V

77. Marvin Jones Jr.

78. Sterling Shepard

79. DeDe Westbrook

The most promising talent for the new QB Nick Foles to target.

80. Larry Fitzgerald

And yet, nobody would be surprised if he was a WR1 this season.

81. Dante Pettis

82. Corey Davis

Still isn’t quite living up to the expectations.

83. Golden Tate

He will certainly get the looks. But those looks come from Eli Manning.

84. Jared Cook

85. Darrell Henderson

86. Latavius Murray

If Kamara gets injured Murray is in line for a career year.

87. Rashaad Penny

88. Courtland Sutton

Joe Flacco is a Super Bowl winning QB and Sutton looks to be the healthiest, best WR available to start the year. That means all the chemistry in the offseason has been with Sutton, and not so much with Sanders.

89. Carlos Hyde

Hyde could be a PPR machine in Kansas City.

90. Jordan Howard

Jordan Howard averages over 1000 yards a season. Take him if he’s available this deep in the draft.

91. Peyton Barber

*See Below.

92. Ronald Jones

93. Russell Wilson

The guy is a freak.

94. Christian Kirk

95. Keke Coutee

96. Carson Wentz

The air-weapons in Philly alone could make him a top-5 QB. Add with his talent and you are looking at potentially the best QB in football.

97. N’Keal Harry

The Gronk-sized hole in the Patriots alone gives him some decent volume. And you know that the Patriots have plans for him because of how high they drafted him.

98. Curtis Samuel

His skillset is very similar to Christian McCafrey’s. Expect him to be sufficiently involved in the Panthers’ offense this season.

99. Delanie Walker

The ONLY reason he’s down this far is because of the gruesome injury he suffered last season. Delanie Walker is a perennial superstar TE.

100. Nyheim Hines


We are in the strange part of the offseason where the memories of last year mingle and mix with the expectations and anticipations of the looming season to come.

Every player on the Top 100 earned their right to be there. And yet, there are undoubtedly players that were left off the list that are hungry to be on it and that are going to prove they belong before the season is through.

Knowledge is power, the only constant is change. As it stands right now, these talented players are the ones that made the final cut to be ranked the Top 100 for 2019.

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— Red Zone Rick

You know how certain players turn it up a notch when a game is on prime time? Red Zone Rick, the Pigskin Prophet, turns it up a notch as draft season nears. And, for that, we’re thankful. You, and your fantasy team, are in good hands.

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