Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get a sports website up and running? I was asked this enough times that I decided to write an entry on how to do it. Check out “How to Start a Sports Blog” for info.

Where do you find your stories?  Friends and visitors send me story ideas via email, this site and social media. In the early days of the site, I’d scour the Internet looking for stories that fit the theme and were interesting.

What’s been your favorite sports feel good story?  Two of my favorites are 1.) The story that served as the initial inspiration for this site: The Jason McElwain story. 2.) The Cliff Young story.

Who do you use to host your site? After some research before starting the site, I landed with BlueHost.com for my hosting service. And, I’ve been extremely pleased with my choice. Why? Reasonable rates, secure and great customer service.

Do I have a story for you, where can I submit it? Please use the Contact Us page.

What content management system do you use for your site? This is a WordPress site. I read that WordPress accounts for about 20% of all sites on the Internet.

What’s your financial model or how do you make money? We generate revenue in a few ways including advertising, affiliate marketing and by selling practice plans, award certificate makers and offseason workouts at our Sports Feel Good Stories Store.

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