FlipGive: The Ultimate Sports Fundraiser

Youth sports can be expensive. When a family adds up sporting equipment and uniforms costs, facility time rental, participation fees, training, traveling expenses, and assorted other expenses, pretty soon you’re talking about some real money. Thousands of dollars may be spent for some sports participants for just one sport.

sports fundraiser basketball imageMany youth sports parents, coaches and players, out of necessity, are thrust into fundraising roles. What’s the best sports fundraiser? All too often, players are directed to be the feet-on-the-street for traditional fundraising programs like selling candy, value coupon packets and magazine subscriptions door-to-door.

We came across another way for sports organizations – and individuals, non-profits and the like – to raise funds effectively. FlipGive, out of Toronto, Canada, has “flipped” the fundraising model. FlipGive has moved the fundraising process into the digital age.

Here’s how it works:

Visit flipgive.com and create a fundraiser for your team, school, or cause.
● Invite family and friends to shop from brands like Under Armour, ALDO, Nike, Barnes and Nobles, Starbucks and hundreds more.
● Get up to 50% cash back for your fundraiser from every purchase.
● Withdraw the money you raise whenever you want.

To find out more, go to FlipGive. Set up takes less than 60 seconds and it’s completely free. Shop from more 100 than retailers including Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, Adidas, Nike and Under Armour, all of whom will donate between 5% and 50% of whatever is spent back to the chosen group. As these partners have offerings that folks already want or need, your sports organization will benefit quickly from sales. Since its launch in 2013, FlipGive has helped over 4 million dollars for sports organizations, schools and community organizations.

FlipGive Hockey imageChristine Reid, an assistant manager for the Bantam AAA Sabres in Calgary, Canada, helped implement a FlipGive fundraiser which raised nearly $2,000 for her team’s tournament fees this season. Her first thought towards FlipGive was that it just “makes sense”. As the results poured in, it became easy. The parents, who were already motivated, would invite their networks to contribute, and so on. Better still, she found that many of those who supported the program through FlipGive, went on to make multiple purchases.

Reid suggests that people new to FlipGive withdraw their funds once they hit the $100 mark, to provide proof to their team members that FlipGive really works. She also recommends having face-­to-­face conversations with team members, as well as sending follow-­up emails to encourage folks to get more involved.

FlipGive’s retail partners benefit as well. New customers are introduced to their brands, and sports parents with children are desirable customers. Perhaps most importantly, the FlipGive program communicates that the retail partner cares about the community.

“Many youth sports organizations, as well as school and community-based programs across the US continue to struggle with raising money,” notes FlipGive President Mark Bachman, “Much of the burden of raising funds falls on the shoulders of parents who are both time-pressed and not equipped to run successful campaigns. FlipGive provides a new and easy way to raise money with a platform for the digital age — convenient, virtual, and limitless in terms of potential.”

With the need for sports fundraising not slowing down, smart sports parents and coaches will be checking out the FlipGive program.

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