Football Trick Plays: 5 of the Best Ever

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When football trick plays work, they’re a lot of fun to watch. A well-run trick play might make the local news, and the better ones can go from a lot of hits on YouTube to a viral sensation.

Trick plays can also change the outcome of games. In addition to plays resulting in scores, the plays can be demoralizing for opponents. From PeeWee games to the NFL, you’ll find coaches trying to outfox the opponents with some trickery.

Trick plays in High School FootballPersonally, I’m not a big fan of the trick plays that attempt to deceive opponents by pretending that play has been stopped. Perhaps you’ve seen plays where the QB pretends there needs to be a new ball in play or at his coach’s direction is asked to move the ball forward 5 yards. In each case, the ball carrier moves slowly out of danger as if on a referee’s mission, and then sprints for a touchdown.

But, I especially love the plays where non-traditional players get their hands on the ball, and while defenders take the hook on some misdirection, walk into the end zone untouched.


So, without further ado, here are:

Trick Plays in Football: Five to Watch

In California, Crescenta Valley offensive lineman B.K. Kim takes a hidden hand off, patiently waits for a path to clear, and finds his way to the end zone in a game against Harvard-Westlake.

“Offensive Lineman is the Runner” football trick play video

How often do you see this type of trickery when receiving a punt?

Rams’ fake punt reception fools Seahawks Video

Whoever drafted this play deserves an “A” for creativity. When the QB is facing the other way, defenders are not expecting a pass. Brilliant!

Backwards Pass football trick play video

In a Louisville, Kentucky 4th grade game, St Edward takes on Our Lady of Lourdes. Bradley West, #18 ducks low behind the offensive guard, and QB Ethan Pounders hands it off between his legs before proceeding as if he has the ball. After pausing for a second, West takes off, finds a hole, and scores.

The “Who has the Ball?” football trick play video

“We all fall down!” football trick play video

Football Trick Plays: 5 of the Best Ever

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