Funny Wifi Names

When the neighbors have you beat on funny wifi names, you need to take action. You’ve made the right move to come to this page.

The next step is to review the list below. Then, select a name. Make the change on your wifi network. You will provide nearby residents and home guests something to chuckle about, or, maybe a reason to smile. Read on.

Funny Wifi Names For Laughs

  1. The Bat Signal.
  2. Martin Router King.
  3. Winternet is Coming.
  4. Fellowship of the Ping.
  5. Bluetooth the Pirate.
  6. 1 Forest 1 (Password: Gump)
  7. This is Private Lan.
  8. Hair Bandwidth.
  9. New England Clam Router.
  10. I’m Feeling Downloaded.
  11. Benjamin FrankLAN.
  12. Nacho Internet.
  13. Router 66.
  14. Hitch Hikers Wifi.
  15. Last Wifi and Testament.
  16. For Fun, Click Here.
  17. For A Good Time Wifi.
  18. Just Go Away.
  19. Get Off My LAN.
  20. How Wide Is Your Bandwidth.Amusing Wifi Names image

    Humorous Wifi Name Selections

  21. I’m Mad as Hell.
  22. Let’s Re Router.
  23. This Love Shack is a Hot Spot.
  24. Router This.
  25. SSIP Your Drink.
  26. Get Off My Wifi.
  27. Zuckerberg Who?
  28. Business in the Front, Party in the Back.
  29. Hiding in Plain Site.
  30. Could be Wifi.
  31. Slam This LAN.
  32. Hack This.
  33. Connecting…
  34. HP Laserjet.
  35. My Other Wifi Is Radioactive.
  36. Oh My LANta.
  37. Wifi of the Tiger.
  38. This is My Network.
  39. Vladimir Routin.
  40. My Amish Network.
  41. Run Far Away.
  42. You Found My Hot Spot.
  43. Network Broadcast.
  44. I’m On the Download.
  45. Unrestricted Wifi.
  46. IP Downloads.
  47. Water Cooler Hot Spot.
  48. My Other Wifi is a Hot Spot.
  49. Network Unavailable.
  50. Wifi Not.
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    Good Wifi Names

  51. Cupcake Connection.
  52. Not A Free Wifi.
  53. No Free Password.
  54. Al Gore’s WonderLAN.
  55. King of the Wifi.
  56. Mega Bite Me.
  57. May the Hot Spot be With You.
  58. Who What Where How Wifi.
  59. Mapquest Directions to my Router.
  60. My Password is Easy.
  61. IP Frequently.
  62. Not Suitable for Networking.
  63. American Bandwidth.
  64. You Complete Me.
  65. Knock Knock Who’s Wifi.
  66. Just Take a SSIP.
  67. Dialup to Download.
  68. Gateway to Heaven.
  69. You’re Under Surveillance.
  70. Test Results.

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Entertaining and Witty Wifi Names

  1. That’s Do Dialup.
  2. Crazy Rich Squips.
  3. The Little Router That Could.
  4. Pirate Hot Spot.
  5. The Love Shack.
  6. Router of my Dreams.
  7. Pretty Fly for Wifi.
  8. Lord Voldemodem.
  9. No Wifi For You!
  10. LAN down under.
  11. Wi believe I can Fi.
  12. It’s a Small Worldwide Web.
  13. Silence of the LANs.
  14. Keep it on the Download.
  15. LANs Solo.
  16. Girls Gone Wireless.
  17. No Moochers Allowed.

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Wifi Terms For Naming Ideas

  • Access Point.
  • Bandwidth.
  • Bridge.
  • Channel.
  • Encryption.
  • Firewall.
  • Gateway.
  • Hotspot.
  • Hub.
  • IP Address.
  • LAN.
  • Network.
  • Repeater.
  • Router.
  • USB.
  • WAN.
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