Homecoming Queen Kicks Winning Field Goal

“The homecoming queen kicks winning field goal” is not a headline you frequently see. For that reason alone, please read on.

When you are the homecoming queen and you have an important game on your home field, you feel like having a huge burden on your shoulders. That was not the case with Kaylee Foster last Friday night when she found herself on her familiar home turf at Ocean Springs High School, Mississippi.

Homecoming Queen Kicks Winning Field Goal to Become an Overnight Celebrity

The place kicker scored two goals during the game to put her team in a commanding position. And when her team needed something extra to win, she delivered in overtime to bring the game home. According to her coach, Kaylee is the first girl to ever play for the school’s football team.

Foster’s overtime kick has made her an overnight star. She has gained massive following on social media and the world over. She is now being recognized as the homecoming queen who plays football.

The Homecoming

The senior has been part of the football team for over three years now. She has primarily been a soccer player and has been playing with the varsity since her sophomore years. When she returned to her high school, she was welcomed with a crown and named the homecoming queen. But the place kicker wasn’t going to enjoy her glory in the crown for long. After the ceremonial photographs, she shed her long gown and geared up and took her position as the place-kicker for her team.

The Game

The game was played between Ocean Springs High School and George County High School. Most teens her age would be overjoyed to be elected as homecoming queen, but Foster showed that she is made of something special when she got over the elation and went out into the field to play for the Greyhounds. Her early two goals in regulation gave her the majority points in her team. And when the final moment came, the homecoming queen kicked the winning field goal. She proved her mettle by scoring the extra point in overtime to give her team a 13-12 victory.

Interestingly, Kaylee put her crown back on after winning the game and posed for photos. When asked how she felt about it, she said that she never had a doubt that she was going to make the kick.

Kaylee Foster: Overnight Celebrity & Role Model

After the game, a school teacher from Massachusetts announced on Twitter that her daughter was amazed by Foster’s performance and saw her as her role model. The place kicker herself felt humbled to realize that she had suddenly become a role model for the young.

After the game, Foster was surrounded by friends, family, and fans. She became the new sensation in the sports world and soon found herself all over the news. When she returned to her classes she was surprised to realize that she had become a celebrity. Since Friday night Kaylee has done numerous interviews with leading media outlets including CNN. She is also traveling to New York to meet Michael Strahan, the Pro Football Hall of Famer. The two will be doing a feature that will be aired on ABC.

Taking the First Step

Kaylee claims that she was first inspired to try football when she was encouraged by her 6th-grade teacher. She always had a liking for the sport. It was her favorite pastime whenever she visited her grandmother’s house. It was in the 7th grade that her coach, Wade Vick, asked her to start playing as he saw her having the potential to become a great kicker.

She became the backup kicker at the high school and as a senior, she is valued as one of the most accurate kickers. This season, Kaylee hit all the 12 extra points and 3 of her 4 field goal attempts. Her long hit was at 42 yards. Her consistency in scoring points has almost been unmatched so far.

Future Plans

So what plans does she have for the future? Kaylee has made a verbal commitment that she will be joining the soccer team at Mississippi College. She acknowledges that college soccer is more demanding, but she is expected to continue shining in the future with her talent. She is certainly an inspiration for upcoming players. And it is nothing but the beginning for her on the long road to become a star player. And she will always be remembered as the “homecoming queen kicks winning field goal” star.



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