Lacrosse Award Certificates

The Well Prepared Coach™ has launched a set of 20 lacrosse award certificates templates for boys and girls teams. Coaches and team parents receive the product from the store in the form of a PDF, personalize the certificates, print them out and then present them. Certificates are available for players and coaches with something for both girls and boys teams.

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20 templates to choose from – boys and girls teams.

According to US Lacrosse in their annual participation study, lacrosse’s popularity continues to grow. Per the study, “At the high school level, lacrosse continues to be the fastest-growing sport in the nation. Just under 300,000 players competed on varsity, junior varsity, freshman and club teams.” And, “The largest segment of participation is at the youth level (under 15), with just under 425,000 participants.”

“Some of our most popular certificate bundles have been basketball, volleyball, football and softball,” notes designer Greg Johnson, “But, we continued to hear from lacrosse fans that they’d like to have a similar product. Now, we can offer it.”

In addition to the titles that Johnson mentioned, the Well Prepared Coach certificate line includes: baseball, cheerleading, soccer and champions (featuring outdoor and basement games like table tennis and pool). The certificate bundles sell for $19.99 each. Coaches and team parents can use the certificates year after year.

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Lacrosse Award Certificates Templates

“Coaches and team parents typically award these certificates at season-ending parties,” said Johnson, “And, think about it, what kid or parent for that matter, doesn’t like to receive a certificate and hear some nice things said about them?”

“Some coaches have taken a different approach with the certificates and award them throughout the season. It might be after a challenging tournament, a big win or a frustrating loss. The certificates have a way of lifting spirits,” notes Johnson.

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Just personalize, print and present. It’s that easy!

You can find out more about the Well Prepared Coach Lacrosse Certificates by visiting the Sports Feel Good Stories store.

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