Little League Pitcher Mo’ne Davis: The 70 MPH Stopper

Little League pitcher Mo’ne Davis pitched the first shutout game by a girl in Little League World Series history on Friday. The 13 year-old Davis, pitching for the Philadelphia Taney Dragons, struck out 8 batters, gave up no walks and allowed only 2 hits. To finish the game, she struck out the side.

Little League World Series Mo'ne Davis
Mo’ne Davis’ smooth delivery draws comparisons to major leaguers

Here’s your opportunity to insert your favorite “She throws like a Girl” joke. But, Davis’ pitching and baseball play is no joke. Her 70 MPH fastball appears much quicker to batters given the shortened, Little League length between home plate and the pitcher’s mound.

17 other girls have played in the Little League World Series (including another this year), but Davis has still taken the sport by storm. Having pitched her team into the Little League World Series, she’s thrown 3 complete games in a row and has earned respect from all corners including major league players like David Ortiz, People Magazine and even First Lady Michelle Obama.

Mo'ne Davis
Mo’ne Davis

Mo’ne Davis pitches with a compact, overhand delivery.  She started out in the outfield, but took on her pitching role when called upon.  Her first batter hit a home run.  But, since then, her pitching has helped lead her team to great things.


Her first love is basketball and she hopes to play in the WNBA some time.  But for the honor roll student now, the spotlight is on her baseball skills.  She started playing baseball when she was 6 years-old. With her strong arm, confidence and poise, opposing teams in Williamsport, PA, know they need to be ready.

Mo’ne’s good luck charm – keeping some money in her back pocket.  She said, “”It’s just that I do well when I’ve got money in my back pocket. And I know if I ever get hungry, I know I can get something to eat because I’ve got money.”

Next up for Mo’ne Davis is a team from Las Vegas, NV on Wednesday night.  Will her sensational story being extended?  Will this inspirational sports story last a little longer?  We’ll soon find out.


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