Our Quest

Our quest can be summarized in three words:

Inspire someone today

In addition to entertaining and inspiring you, we hope that you’ll share these stories with others. Some opportunities:

Coaches sharing with players. Smart professional and volunteer coaches alike are always on the lookout for ways to motivate their teams.

Business leaders sharing with their teams. Managers of people are frequently put in a position of trying to inspire a large group of people. PowerPoint presentations and numeric goals will take you so far, but sometimes a well-told story will do more to capture people’s attention and hearts. When Michael Phelps won the Olympic race by a fraction of a second, I’m guessing many a sales manager reminded their team about the importance of closing out a month strong. Watch how Jack Canfield uses the “Cliff Young – Farmer who inspired a nation” story to make his point.

Teachers sharing with students. A well-told story that is heard by the audience at the right time can have a lasting impact.

Parents sharing with their kids. Sports provide the opportunity to learn some life lessons like the value of hard work, the importance of taking some risks, and the power and magic of teamwork.

Friends sharing with friends. Who doesn’t love a great story?

Our Quest: Modeling great actions

Through the years, we’ve observed that positive behavior in sports is often repeated by others who hear of the stories (here’s one example in softball). Can even more great moments in sports come about tomorrow by sharing inspiring stories today? We think so.

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