Philadelphia Eagles Chris Long Donates Entire Salary to Charity

At a time when football players and fans are experiencing more division, Eagles’ defensive lineman Chris Long has set a new example. Long is donating his 2017 base salary to specific educational institutions – a total of 16 paychecks. The money will donate educational organizations focused on equality and diversity.

Son of NFL Hall of Famer and TV Analyst Howie Long, Chris credits his parents with setting a good example for charitable giving. He feels he’s not just playing ball, but doing something good for society.

Chris Long donates entire salary to educational charities

The 2007 All-American college football player is making his contribution through his own foundation. He will be donating his next paychecks from 10 games to educational institutions that support equality in all the 3 cities he played for in his decade-long professional career. This includes St. Louis, Boston, and Philadelphia. The “Pledge 10 for Tomorrow” donation will amount to $1 million. The player has also encouraged businesses and other celebrities to contribute to the campaign.

It is interesting that Long has announced his charity donations for the first time. This is despite that fact that The Chris Long Foundation was founded in 2015 and has been offering support to communities in East Africa. The player announced that he has been vocal about his latest charity donation because critics have been questioning players, for some time about their contributions to the community, especially at a time when many players have shown their protests in highlighting cases of inequality. He says that his latest contribution and subsequent announcement is a way to let the critics know what players in his sport are doing to promote equality and diversity and improve the community by providing educational opportunity.

Chris Long playing against the Giants image
Chris Long in game against the Giants. (photo credit: Philadelphia Eagles)

Celebrating a Decade of Professional Career

The $1 million charity donation is also a way for Long to celebrate his decade-long professional career. His career began with the St. Louis Rams in the 2008 NFL Draft and spent 8 years with the team. He signed a 1-year deal with the New England Patriots where he was part of the Super Bowl LI winning team.

According to Long, the donation is also a celebration of the opportunity that he received to play football. It is a way for him to give back to the communities that supported him all along. Even before this announcement, Long had already promised the first 6 game checks of the season to support scholarships in Charlottesville, VA, his hometown.

Key pressure deflection turns tide for Eagles as they route Vikings in NFC Championship

In their latest game against the Minnesota Vikings, the Eagles’ defense played a crucial role in routing Case Keenum’s team with a 38-7 score. The defense pressured Keenum to make critical mistakes, which helped the Eagles turn the game into their favor. The loss eliminated any chance of the Vikings winning their first Super Bowl in over four decades.

Long relies on skilled moves, determination and a never-give-up attitude to pressure opposing QBs.

The Vikings opened the game with a quick score and gained a 7-0 lead. It wasn’t a strong start for the Eagles. But, football is a game of momentum.The former All-American player’s disruptive play was instrumental in pressuring Keenum to make a key  throwing mistake, resulting in a pick-6 for the Eagles. The game was now tied, momentum shifted in a big way, and the Vikings never fully recovered. Keenum failed to find his rhythm – something the Eagles’ defense has mastered over the season – for the rest of the game. After the win, Long claimed that turnovers were a big reason for the team’s success, and the defense was successful in both stopping the run and getting turnovers.

Eagle’s Defensive Line One of the Best

The Vikings Joe Berger was right when he said that Philadelphia Eagles currently have one of the best defensive lines in the league. The other players who made big contributions to the win included Defensive end Derek Barnett, quarterback Nick Foles, placekicker Jake Elliott, and wide receiver Torrey Smith among others. Vikes’ QB Keenum also acknowledged that the Eagles have had one of the best fronts and defenses they faced in the season.

Chris Long in game against the Raiders image
Chris Long in game against the Raiders. (photo credit: Philadelphia Eagles)

Getting Acknowledged by Obama

When Long announced donating his 2017-18 NFL season salary for funding scholarships in Charlottesville, he was surprised to receive a tweet of appreciation from the then President, Barack Obama. Long considered it an honor. He signed a 2-year contract with Philadelphia Eagles for $4.5 million and received a base salary of $1 million. Long announced the donation after the violent protests in Charlottesville resulted in one death. Obama’s tweet acknowledged Long’s contribution to his over 98 million followers.

Check out Mr. Long on Twitter.

Eagles to play Patriots in Super Bowl

After defeating the Vikings, the Eagles are all set to play New England Patriots in Super Bowl LVII in Minneapolis. Going against Tom Brady, the Eagles will need to apply a lot of pressure if they hope for success. This is very special game for Long. He played for the Patriots last year before moving to Eagles.

He made some important contributions in helping the Patriots’ win their Super Bowl championship last year. When he left New England, he expressed that he wanted to play in a different scheme. His coach, Bill Belichick, agreed this might be the best direction for Long. Both the Eagles and Rams have similar defense schemes. The Patriots’ scheme varies more.

Despite’s Belichick’s acknowledgment that he understood Long’s departure, he still seemed to be open to have the defensive lineman continue with his team at the time. Long has also explained his decision for choosing and leaving the Patriots.

And it seems that he has had made some good decisions all along. With his team’s latest win against the Vikings, and his excellent play all season, he has proven to be a big asset to the tough Philly D. His contributions to the community through his charity haave also made a big impact. It seems his lasting legacy won’t just be as a football player.

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