Real Fan or Wannabe? The Two-minute Drill Football Quiz

Two-minute Drill Football Quiz

Can you hold your own in a pigskin discussion or do you need to make a beeline to the chip-and-dip bowl when serious football is the topic of discussion?

Answer these 10 questions in 2 minutes or less to see if you’re a real football fan or a wannabe.  Using the Internet or other sources to look up answers is strictly forbidden.  It’s hurry up offense time.  Do you have what it takes to get into the end zone? You have only 2 minutes and no time-outs. Good luck.

Two-minute Drill Football Quiz

The Football Quiz to determine your fan greatness

1.) Fill in the blank to the Hank Williams Jr. song which served as the theme for Monday Night Football from 1989 to 2011?  “All my __________ Friends are Here on Monday Night”


2.) Two generations of the Manning family have produced 3 NFL starting quarterbacks.  Please list their first names and the NFL team they played the longest for?

3.) What college football team plays its home games in “The Big House”?

a. Ohio State

b. Alabama

c. Michigan

d. Wisconsin

4.) What team has won the most NFL Championships?

a. Dallas Cowboys

b. Pittsburgh Steelers

c. San Francisco 49ers

d. Green Bay Packers

5.) What NFL running back averaged over 100 yards per game, over 5 yards per carry and in 2002 was named the greatest professional football player ever?

6.) For the famous “Immaculate Reception” play, who threw the ball and who caught it?

7.) What college football conference has had one of its teams win the National Championship game 7 of the last 8 tries?

a. Big 10

b. ACC

c. SEC

d. Pac-12

8.) Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is married to what NFL star?

9.) Take Aaron Rodgers Packer’s jersey number and add Jerry Rice’s 49er’s number and then multiply it by the first number in Jim’s Otto’s Raiders jersey number – what do you get?

10.) “Megatron,” is the primary antagonist from the Transformer series and also the nickname for an All-Pro NFL receiver.  What’s the receiver’s real name?


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1. Rowdy.  As in, “All my Rowdy Friends are Here on Monday Night.”  The closest thing the NFL had for an anthem.  Classic.

2. Archie – New Orleans Saints, Peyton – Indianapolis Colts and Eli – New York Giants.  You gotta love the old Peyton and Eli “Brothers” commercial for ESPN.  By the way, there’s no partial credit – you either answer the question completely correct or count it as “wide right” and a miss.

3. “c” Michigan.  “The Big House” has hosted over 115,000 folks in for a game.  Those of you who answered “The Longest Yard” prisoner or guard teams are incorrect, but I like the way you think.

4. “d” The Green Bay Packers have won 13 championships.  They don’t call Green Bay Titletown for nothing.  The Steelers have won 6 Super Bowls, but championships were played before the Super Bowl era.

5. Jim Brown.  The Cleveland Browns star played for 9 years and smashed many all-time records.  He was also an All-American in lacrosse at Syracuse.

6. Terry Bradshaw threw to Franco Harris in perhaps the most famous NFL play of all time.

7. “c” SEC.  Florida State of the ACC broke the SEC’s 7-season win streak by taking the championship game this past year.

8. Gisele is married to New England Patriot’s QB Tom Brady.

9. 0 is the answer.  Ok, this one reminds me of those math problems in Sister Immaculata’s class with big numbers at the beginning but then followed by:  “then, multiply the sum by zero.”  Aaron Rodgers #12 + Jerry Rice’s #80 times 0 (Jim Otto’s number was 00 so the first number is 0) = 0.  Otto’s selection of the number 00 was a play on his last name:  Otto.  The Wausau, Wisconsin native was a fixture on the Raiders’ line for many years.

10 . Calvin Johnson.  Former teammate Roy Williams coined the nickname “Megatron” and it stuck.


10 correct = A football genius like you should be in the luxury box with Bill Walsh or tailgating with John Madden.

9 correct = Great presence of mind!

8 correct = Your cable package includes ESPN, but you might be napping during SportsCenter.  But, still a real football fan.

7 correct = It’s a game of inches and you just passed by the nose of the ball.

1 – 6 correct:  Wannabe! As if we didn’t know already.

0 correct: You might be confusing futbol with football.

Real Fan or Wannabe? The Two-minute Drill Football Quiz


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